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Two-in-One Machine Grinds and Erodes

One of the two spindles on Vollmer’s VHybrid 360 can be used to grind and erode while the other spindle grinds. Manufacturers save time by machining solid carbide or polycrystalline diamond (PCD) drills, milling cutters, and reamers in one set-up.

Vollmer’s combined grinding and erosion machine reduces machining times without compromising precision. VHybrid 360 operations are configured on a height-adjustable pivoting touchscreen.
Tool manufacturers can use the VHybrid 360 to grind and erode carbide and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools like drills, milling cutters, or reamers in one combined set-up.

The VHybrid 360 from Vollmer of America Corp. (Carnegie, PA) is based on “multilayer machining:” both spindles are arranged vertically in the pivot point of the C axis. The top VGrind spindle removes metal mechanically with a grinding wheel; the bottom spindle’s VPulse EDM wheel can grind or erode. Productivity increases and machining times decrease because of the shorter linear-axis travel distances.

The machine thus provides the flexibility to perform fully fledged grinding and eroding processes on standard and special tools whether blanks are made of carbide, sintered polycrystalline diamond (PCD), or brazed diamond tips for diameters up to 50 mm and lengths up to 360 mm.

Depending on the configuration of the grinding wheels or rotary electrodes, larger diameters are also possible. An optional steady rest ensures stability for long tools.

Grinding and eroding are programmed, simulated, and monitored via 5-axis ExLevel PRO 3D control software. The axes can be selected and moved with a multifunction handwheel. A dressing device for rotary electrodes and integrated wheel probe facilitate ultraprecise calibration of grinding and eroding wheel packages.

A wide range of automatic settings enables unmanned operation around the clock. For example, the HC4 chain magazine holds up to 39 HSK 63A tool holders. In addition, eight grinding and eroding wheels, including coolant supply, can be automatically exchanged via a new tool manager with drag-and-drop selection of  grinding and electrode sets.

Vollmer of America Corp., 105 Broadway St., Carnegie, PA 15106, 412-278-0655, www.vollmer-group.com.


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