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Three-Step Filtration System Removes 99% of Contaminants

The three-airflow process used by Parker Hannifin’s fabric-style SmogHog Media (SHM) collector virtually eliminates mist concentration. A 100% fully synthetic blend of fibers built into a tubular filter arrangement optimizes drainage.

Parker Hannifin’s fabric-style SmogHog Media (SHM) collector optimizes drainage with coalescing filter media technology in a 100% fully synthetic blend of fibers built into a tubular filter arrangement.
Parker Hannifin’s self-contained SmogHog Media (SHM) mist collector can be mounted directly on a machining center or mounted remotely and connected to one or more machines with ducting.
Parker Hannifin U.S. Patent US-2018-0339255-A1 is for this three-stage filtration process that maximizes drainage.

A three-stage filtration process coupled with coalescing media technology enables the SmogHog Media (SHM) mist collector from the Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. (Overland Park, KS) to produce a 99% reduction in mist concentration.

The technology supports the filter elements, sealing the filter’s upper and lower plates, a liquid collection area, and a reservoir in the base section to drain away the liquid that coalesces during operation. Suspended liquids collect and coalesce on the filter’s fiber structure, droplet size grows, and gravity drains contaminants from the airstream and out of the filter into the collection area.

The media used within this design provides an open 3D depth matrix that separates liquid droplets from the airstream into three airflow paths – radial, axial, and helical – that remove 99% of contaminants. After passing through the thick media, air is forced through a stairstep path and then a corkscrew pattern that increases dwell time and resulting particle capture. The process involves three filters:

  • A fine-fiber, aluminum-mesh prefilter that reduces mist concentration and coarse contaminants
  • A primary filter engineered with PEACH coalescing cartridges, and
  • A safety after-filter available in ASHRAE 95% oil mist rates or HEPA configurations.

Parker Hannifin Corp., 11501 Outlook St., Suite 100, Overland Park, KS 66211, 800-821-2222,


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