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Two Metal-Cleaning Solutions

Madison Chemical’s phosphate-free Aluma-Cling Blue eliminates having to brush by hand to clean bright aluminum and stainless steel. Clean-Gard 83 is an alkaline detergent that produces low-to-moderate foam, making it ideal for cleaning via ultrasonic cavitation.

Posted: February 25, 2020

Use Madison Chemical’s Aluma-Cling Blue at full strength at room temperature and follow with a cold-water rinse. Contact time depends on soil loading and application, but 1 min to 15 min is a reasonable starting point. Do a high-pressure cold-water rinse for optimum results on bright aluminum. 
For immersion applications, Clean-Gard 83 is diluted to 3% to 10% by volume in water and used at 120 degrees F to 160 degrees F. Heavier soils and/or ultrasonic applications may benefit from temperatures up to 190 degrees F. Cleaning may be followed with an ambient-to-warm water rinse. Don’t rinse if rust protection is desired. For recirculated spray washers, use at 2% to 10% by volume in water from 130 degrees F to 160 degrees F up to 25 psi maximum.

Madison Chemical (Madison, IN) introduces two cleaning solutions.

Applied at full strength by pump or spray, phosphate-free Aluma-Cling Blue reduces the number of steps and often the manual brushing necessary to obtain a bright surface on 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys and stainless steel. The moderately acidic, thickened gel removes plasma smoke residue, weld marks, light oxide, and discoloration due to previous processing; and eliminates or greatly reduces streaking, yellowing, whitening, and over-etching caused by aggressive acids.

Designed for removing aged, oxidized, burned-on oil, removing grease, and other difficult cleaning operations, Clean-Gard 83 alkaline detergent is intended for immersion application, including ultrasonic and agi-lift, as well as recirculation spray washers up to 25 psi.

The formulation produces low-to-moderate foam, maximizing ultrasonic cavitation. When not rinsed, the cleaning solution offers very good rust protection. It’s ideal for use with ferrous, aluminum, and zinc alloys when used as directed, making it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing environments.

  • Felim O Malley wrote:

    is it possible to get a sample to test please ?
    Thanks Felim.

    • Brian Lamphron wrote:

      Good afternoon Felim,

      I work with Madison Chemical in the upper Midwest out of Sioux Falls, SD and was responsible for our team starting to look at developing the acidic gel that we call “Aluma Cling Blue” primarily that we targeted for initially taking unsightly subsurface stains off of embossed treadplate aluminum and straight treadplate aluminum surfaces that primarily were in the production cycle for use by the fire engine – rescue vehicle manufacturing industry. In some cases we might not see or notice a issue until the fire engine was brought out of the manufacturing cell and exposed to natural sunlight and one could sometimes see some differences in finish appearance. We now see this product used by many product dealer upfitters ( especially where a dealer may have equipment located next to a railroad track where tramp iron dust could get sprayed onto aluminum ) and then also in some people that have applications involving in trading in / cleaning up / retrofitting aluminum equipment and then for some use in the marine boat dock industry.

      This industry can be pretty particular on the high end finish and appearance needed on a new high dollar product like a fire engine – emergency service vehicle and we needed a way to remove some storage stains and tramp iron from a water jet table that cut the aluminum without causing some issues with excess surface attack and inadvertently whitening the edges and cut areas with some benefit to tie up or chelate any tramp iron in the water jet’s bath and minimize the possibility of manganese oxidation that might be in the surface or near surface region in the aluminum alloy.

      Our group can arrange a sample of either of the two products mentioned in the Fabrication & Metalworking article to be sent to your preferred plant location from our main production plant in Madison, Indiana. If you can provide some additional information on what you might need and a address / e-mail etc., we can arrange to send you the safety data sheet information and a general tech data sheet and sample(s) as might best fit what you may be trying to do. Should you need more information, please feel free to contact me at or at my cell phone number at 1-605-261-0074 ….

      Thank you in advance.


      Brian Lamphron
      Technical Representative
      Madison Chemical
      Sioux Falls Cell 1-605-261-0074

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