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Four Settings for High, Consistent Clamping Force

Samchully power vises feature a mechanical multiplier booster system to provide high force with minimal input at the handle. Set the clamping force with the one-touch preset dial and the key stops turning when desired torque is reached.

Their compact yet rigid design makes Samchully’s power vises suitable for machining centers of all sizes.
Samchully’s power vises are available with jaw widths ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches and openings that range from 5.9 inches to 17.7 inches.

Samchully (Lake Forest, CA) power vises allow operators to apply a consistent clamping force to prevent part deformation and improve machining accuracy. That reliability helps them optimize feeds in a variety of production and machining operations, including roughing and precision finishing on hollow or solid stock.

A mechanical multiplier booster system that provides high clamping force with minimal input at the handle replaces torque wrenches and the use of “cheater bars” that can cause lifting and inconsistent machining results.

One-touch preset dial allows four clamp force settings from 2,250 lbf to 7,868 lbf. When the clamping force is preset, the input key will stop turning when the vise reaches the desired torque.

Jaw widths range from 4 inches to 10 inches; openings range from 5.9 inches to 17.7 inches.

The vises are made from hardened steel with precision ground ways that provide accuracy and longevity. A fine pitch lead screw reduces deflection to evenly apply force across the full face of the jaw. With the integral rails along the base, the vise can be mounted with minimal table space. The drive spindle and mechanical multiplier are fully enclosed to eliminate damage and wear caused by chips and swarf.

Their compact yet rigid design makes the vises suitable for all sizes of machining centers.


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