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Measure 48-Inch Components on the Shop Floor

American Precision Gauge solves an age-old measuring limitation for shafting, piping, tubing, and other long components. Use the digital caliper for quality control or build it in as a setup gauge or touch-off.


For years, providers of shafting, piping, tubing, and other long components had to use tape measures for cut-to-length operations, inspection, and setup. The typical caliper can’t inspect and verify 24-inch-to-60-inch parts on the shop floor.

The LDMD 3.0 from American Precision Gauge LLC (Yorba Linda, CA) addresses these limitations. Combining magnetic encoding technology with a long-travel precision actuator and sophisticated but simple-to-operate digital readout, the mid-range device quickly measures parts up to 48 inches long with accuracies of +/-.005-inch repeatable to .001-inch. And, when equipped with an optional locking brake, the LDMD 3.0 takes vertical as well as horizontal measurements.

Measurements are provided in inch or metric, absolute or incremental modes for  ID, OD, and lengths and bores. The handheld LDMD 3.0 weighs less than 12 lbs., and can be bolted down for rigid installations. Users won’t have to squint to see (and possibly misinterpret) Vernier lines.

End-of-arm tooling is reversible, adaptable, and replaceable for quick changes and custom adaptation to each application.

The rugged device is made from custom-designed aluminum extrusion. The carriage and digital display ride on a ceramic-coated aluminum shafting to slide smoothly without creating distortion.

The device offers clean, easy motion without 110V AC. Instead, the display uses two AAA batteries that last three years with standard usage and are replaceable with a screwdriver.

The digital display offers a fully programmable LCD single line data with inch or metric output capable of four-decimal-place resolution. Unit is operated in absolute or incremental modes, programmable offsets, reference set points, sleep timer, and selectable direction-of-travel feature. Any carriage movement awakens the display without position loss.

The device is inspected using a laser interferometer for ultraprecise reporting. Correlated rather than calibrated, the device comes with an error report that shows exactly where error has occurred to allow for field-error compensation. Certificate of conformance assures customers of accuracies within .005-inch of nominal anywhere along its travel.



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