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One Modular Torch Covers Multitude of Needs

Fronius’ welding torches for manual Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG) can be customized to suit the welder’s personal preferences as well as the welding task at hand. Their modular design offers a range of sustainable and cost-effective options.

Modular TIG welding torches from Fronius are ergonomic, and the soft grip components help to ward off fatigue during welding.
The torch body can be changed easily, quickly and without the need for tools – ensuring high system availability.
Users can choose between three operating elements: Up-Down operation, JobMaster and potentiometer.

Large versus small handle. One control to set the amperage or an additional JobMaster display that can be used to access the pre-programmed settings. Different gas nozzles, different torch angles. Clearly, the “perfect” TIG welding torch varies from application to application and welders all have their own preferences.

The modular design of the new TIG welding torches from Fronius (Portage, IN) allows users to cover all of these requirements without having to replace the entire torch.

The hosepack for manual TIG devices fits every torch body, which can likewise be individually adapted. Different torch body lengths and angles are available to handle anything the application demands.

Changing the torch body is easy and no tools are required with the Multilock System: The torch body is loosened from the hosepack by pressing and turning, and is secured by attaching and turning. For both gas-cooled and water-cooled systems with the torch empty function, it is even possible to safely change the torch body while the hosepack is still connected.

The ergonomic handles of the TIG welding torches are available with three different interchangeable control elements:

  • An Up-Down rocker switch
  • JobMaster display
  • Or rotatable potentiometer

Ease of use was top of mind behind the design: The handle is non-slip and contains soft components to take as much strain out of your work as possible. A ball joint between the hose and torch body ensures flexible handling. The torch body can also be turned endlessly.

An LED light on the torch illuminates the welding location before and after welding. The user can also choose between a standard and a smaller, size-optimized handle. This compact version is available with choices in control options.

Thanks to its modular design, the welding torch does not have to be thrown away if requirements change or parts break. Individual modules are changed with ease, making the Fronius TIG welding torches a sustainable solution. Changing components can take place directly on site and without the help of a service technician, saving resources, time and costs.


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