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RoboVent Revamps Spire Weld Fume Extraction Systems

RoboVent’s Spire filtration units are still 3 ft by 3 ft, but have been completely re-engineered. The Spire for robotic weld cells and the Spire360 for ambient filtration come with more-absorbent filters that last longer and 7-in touchscreen controls for easier operation.

RoboVent’s Spire for robotic weld cells and Spire360 for ambient filtration have been re-engineered. They come with more-absorbent filters that last longer and 7-in touchscreen controls for easier operation.

RoboVent (Sterling Heights, MI) has re-engineered its Spire weld fume extraction systems for better pulsing, longer-lasting filters, and easier maintenance.

The RoboVent Spire for Source Capture provides filtration for two robotic weld cells. The RoboVent Spire360 is an ambient unit for areawide filtration when a hooded enclosure isn’t feasible. Both still have a 3-ft-by-3-ft footprint, which requires about the same space as a typical weld wire barrel.

Deflector plates in the top of the dust cabinet create a high-velocity airstream that brings more dust into the containment chamber and protect filters from particulate abrasion.

A variable-speed drive saves energy. Pulse nozzles dislodge more dust by sending a high-level shock wave through the new PleatLock filter that, with more dimples within the pleats, adds  35% more media space to capture more particulate, allowing for longer time between filter changes. PleatLock filters are easier to replace, and filter pulsing extends filter life by minimizing filter pressure buildup.

The 15-gallon holding bin improves performance with more-consistent cubic feet per minute (CFM) and static pressure. Simply pull out the drawer to dispose of the dust.

A new 7-inch full-color control panel is mounted in the electrical control box,  which can be installed on the side of the unit or tethered to where it is more convenient. The intuitive interface is easy to navigate to help keep the system running smoothly and operators informed.

The unit ships fully assembled for easier installation.

RoboVent, 37900 Mound Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48310, 888-762-6836, fax: 586-698-1801, info@robovent.comwww.robovent.com.


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