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Updated PLC Controls Cut Setup Time in Half

Simulation and automated functions expedite commissioning new press feeding lines from COE Press Equipment. User-friendly interface and 10-in touchscreen simplify entry of machine setup information as well as troubleshooting.

Posted: March 3, 2020

Coe Press Equipment’s updated PLC controls with 10-in touchscreen facilitate setup and troubleshooting of coil processing. Among other new capabilities, the software automates straightener setup and feed setup.

Multiple advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) features significantly reduce the time required to commission and install press feeding lines from COE Press Equipment (Sterling Heights, MI).

New loop and press simulation capabilities enable COE to test, debug, and perform a complete startup before shipping, cutting the customer’s setup time in half. A totally redesigned, user-friendly interface with 10-inch touchscreen guides the operator through the setup process and enables quick troubleshooting. COE’s Work Roll Advisor, which automates straightener setup, and Feed Roll Advisor, which automates feed setup, are now embedded into the controls, further easing setup and changeover.

New features include:

  • Loop Simulation – emulates material to see how straightener reacts to changes from the feed
  • Press Simulation – simulates press with SPM changes, feed angles, pilot, start feed, press at the bottom, etc.
  • On the Fly – automatically changes feed speed to adapt to press
  • Direct Speed Enable – straightener automatically hits target speed at the first stroke
  • Work Roll Simulation – visual guide helps operators see what’s happening inside the straightener
  • Smart Speed – automatically adjusts to optimal line speed based on press speed and feed window (requires ethernet connection with press)
  • Ethernet Diagnostics – allows operators to see in real time any connection failures between devices
  • Pictorial main menus – operators can easily navigate to machine-specific control screens by selecting an image of the machine they wish to operate.

Other features include 100-job memory storage and password-protected job editing and parameters to secure stored recipes. The new controls are available with any COE coil processing line.

COE Press Equipment, 40549 Brentwood, Sterling Heights, MI 48310, 586-979-4400,

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