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Use Remote Assessments to Comply with Coronavirus Protocols and OSHA

To help companies keep health and safety at the forefront, Rockford Systems, LLC announces support options for its customers. Their Remote Safeguarding Assessments are a virtual alternative to onsite assessments and meet the compliance reporting requirements.

Posted: April 10, 2020

Whether there's a critical need involving an accident or new protocols that prohibit visitors, Remote Assessments are a viable, virtual alternative.

For companies with an immediate critical need due to an accident or OSHA citation – or for those with less complex guarding requirements but are not allowing visitors – Rockford Systems, LLC  (Rockford, IL) offers economical Remote Safeguarding Assessments that offer a virtual alternative to onsite assessments and satisfy the same comprehensive compliance reporting requirements.

The service is well suited for customers with a few basic cutting and turning machines, including drill presses, vertical mills, grinders, small lathes, saws, sanders and riveters. Although remote assessments have traditionally been limited to a few basic machines, Rockford Systems can support requests for a higher volume of machines to be remotely assessed to better meet needs.

Press Safety Inspections and Stop-Time Measurements
If an organization’s production has slowed or stopped, now is the right time for regular maintenance and to schedule an annual safety inspection to determine if part-revolution punch presses and press brakes, and full-revolution punch presses are in safe working order according to OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Rockford Systems can conduct a series of onsite function tests including press stop times, safety distance measurements, and inspection of safeguards and controls.

Rockford Systems offers free online learning resources and encourages metalworking companies to make productive use of remote work time by learning about machine and combustion safety concepts, techniques and best practices. Training videos and recorded webinars are available on the company’s YouTube page. In addition, the company offers a library of blog posts, published technical articles and quick reference sheets.

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