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Graphical Guidance Removes All Probing Questions

A software wizard for NUM’s Flexium+ CNC systems enables total automation of probe measurement on the shop floor. Operators don’t need to know G-code because the software provides visual prompts for 29 calibration, presetting, and/or measurement routines.

NUM’s software wizard enables CNC machine tool operators to easily handle a wide range of probe measurements of parts. An optional guidance walks operators through complex tasks such as measuring the width of a rib/web and the mid-point for a paraxial probing movement.

A software wizard from NUM (Naperville, IL) simplifies measurement cycles during CNC machining processes by giving operators visual step-by-step instructions, eliminating the need for G-code programming experience.

The software wizard works with any of the company’s latest-generation Flexium+ CNC systems. The system accommodates all standard probe measurement cycles for parts and tools and includes 17 workpiece measurement routines, four probe calibration routines, two fixed probe calibration and cutter length presetting routines, and six routines specifically for use on milling machines.

Each routine provides clear guidance throughout its measurement cycle, effectively automating the process. The user is asked to specify technological data  such as the feed rate and probing speed, then preparatory data such as the approach and starting positions, and input and output data specific to the selected cycle.

Once the operator initiates a measurement cycle, all probe positioning can be handled automatically by the CNC machine. The probe stylus is fully protected against collision with the part; and if there’s an error, a signal to the CNC system causes an immediate stop. The software includes full management of the RTCP (rotation tool center point) function to handle inclined coordinates inside the measurement circle.

An optional guidance offers more flexible tool use. Capabilities include complex tasks such as measuring the width of a rib/web and the mid-point for a paraxial probing movement, measuring the diameter and center of a bore or a boss by means of four points, measuring the angle of an oblique surface by probing along the third axis, and vectorial measurement of a bore or boss by three points.


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