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Low Cost Monitor for Welding Titanium and Stainless Steel

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT developed PurgEye Nano as an entry level, plug-and-play monitor for oxygen level requirements as low as 10ppm. It gives the welders exact oxygen readings inside the pipe so they know when to begin.

The monitor has a unique long-life sensor that has a warm up time under 60 seconds.

How do you prevent titanium and stainless steel from losing their corrosion resistance properties during welding? As reactive alloys, these materials react with air when heated, and the resulting oxidation is problematic.

That’s why shielding the metal with an inert gas crucial, and one way to measure the oxygen content within the welding zone is by using a weld purge monitor. Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s PurgEye Nano is designed for welding titanium and high end stainless steel, where oxygen levels must be as low as 10 ppm.

“By knowing the exact level of oxygen inside the pipe at all times, the welder knows when to start welding for high quality results,” says Luke Keane, technical sales manager for HFT. “The PurgEye Nano is our basic entry level 10 ppm monitor, which means it is perfect for restricted budgets. It’s a simple plug and play monitor, ideal for welding titanium, stainless steel and other reactive metals such as zirconium.”

With leak-tight connectors for weld purge hoses, the lightweight PurgEye Nano can be used with optional accessory hand pump and gas sampling probe. Developed for weld purging where data logging, alarms and machine control are not necessarily required, the monitor has a unique long-life sensor that has a warm up time under 60 seconds.

“All of our weld purge monitors and inflatable tube, pipe and pipeline weld purging systems, as well as our inflatable welding enclosures, are manufactured in the UK,” says Ron Sewell, HFT chairman. “We do not sacrifice on quality and guarantee 100% craftsmanship.”



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