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Portable Stick/Lift TIG Inverter Packs Unexpected Power

Weld with any stick electrode type wherever the work takes you with ESAB’s lightweight and reliable Miniarc Rogue ES 180i TIG inverter. A stable arc down to 10 amps provides the control welders need on thin metal or delicate components.

ESAB’s Miniarc Rogue ES 180i gives welders the freedom to work in a wide range of applications and locations. Power factor correction (PFC) averts circuit tripping; and generator power won’t disrupt the job either, thanks to the inverter’s automatic input voltage compensation.

With professional arc performance and controls such as adjustable hot start, adjustable arc force, and power factor correction (PFE), the Miniarc Rogue ES 180i from ESAB Welding & Cutting Products (Annapolis Junction, MD) redefines the compact stick/TIG inverter category. “Other welders with its features can cost twice as much,” says Product Marketing Director Jay Coubrough.

The inverter delivers a maximum output of 180 amps at 25% duty cycle. Its  control technology produces a smooth arc with all types of stick electrodes, including E70818 and E6010; and it has the power to run 5/32-inch electrodes. Lift TIG (DC TIG) function provides positive arc starts without the use of high frequency. It delivers a stable TIG arc down to 10 amps, providing the control  welders need to work on thin metal or delicate components.

Flexible, automatic input voltage compensation ensures a steady arc throughout the entire power range of 115-230V 50/60 Hz, even while working with generator power, which can fluctuate.


PFC draws less primary current, so welders can use a smaller circuit breaker without worrying about the nuisance of electrical trips when welding at full output. PFC also enables welding with up to 110 yards of cable extensions. The inverter’s digital meters are visible from 75 feet away.

Adjustable hot start function increases current beyond the set value for a few milliseconds to help establish the arc. This is especially helpful with low-hydrogen electrodes, which can be notoriously difficult to start.

Adjustable arc force control increases amperage when voltage drops below a preset threshold so welders can hold a shorter arc length without the electrode sticking – a real benefit when welding in narrow gaps, in corners, and out of position.

Higher open circuit voltage (OCV) of 78V promotes better stick arc starts than other welders.

The Miniarc Rogue ES 180i comes with a shoulder strap, plastic case, work cable, and electrode holder. Fiberglass-molded housing withstands impact; weather-resistant IP23S rating makes the unit suitable for use in tough applications.

The 18.2-pound inverter measures 13.5 inches by 6 inches by 10.4 inches.

Optional remote controller lets welders adjust current settings without having to go back to the machine. 


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