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Staying Healthy for the Healthcare Workers They Serve

Dewalt is serious about staying the course so their people can serve myriad frontline folks during the pandemic. A lengthy list of protective protocols has kept their operations going to meet the daily demands of their business partners.

Posted: May 11, 2020

Dewalt’s employees are giving their all to help Americans involved in every aspect of pandemic response remain healthy and productive.


Our employees are supporting frontline caregivers and first responders, manufacturers of medical and healthcare equipment, maintenance personnel at hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and construction workers who are maintaining critical infrastructure and/or building temporary hospitals and other emergency structures. We’ve implemented a number of measures to safely meet these needs, which include:

Daily temperature screening of employees and visitors at all facilities. Employees who show symptoms of illness are sent home. In addition, employees are sent home for 14 days when there’s suspected exposure to a person with COVID-19. Sick employees are not allowed to return until they’re well.

Requiring employees and visitors to wear face masks at all facilities, at customer facilities, and on jobsites.

Ensuring social distancing within facilities and, when appropriate, building physical barriers between workstations, spacing out shifts and break times, and making other changes to typical work environments and processes (such as clocking in) to limit person-to-person interaction and other potential exposures.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitization processes, as well as making hand sanitizer, handwashing, and other hygiene practices standard and required at all facilities.

Giving employees personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks and hand sanitizers, to protect themselves and their families while in public in their local communities.

Our manufacturing environment and supply chain have largely maintained operations with very few facility closures, which have typically been temporary or short-term and government-mandated. Because the continued operation of our supply partners is critical, we work with them on a day-to-day basis to help enable their ongoing business operations.

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