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Automatic-Indexing Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

Amada Machinery America’s Marvel Series vertical tilt-frame band saws for cutting structural steels include the high-speed VT5063SW. The machine’s graphics-based control software with material selection chart and customizable material library enables operators to easily program and store 500 jobs.

Posted: June 18, 2020

Amada Machinery America’s automatic-indexing VT5063SW vertical tilt-frame band saw provides infinitely variable speeds ranging from 30 FPM to 500 FPM with a feed force up to 350 pounds. Table height: 40 inches.

In 2018, Amada Machinery America Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) added vertical tilt-frame band saws to its product lineup by buying Marvel Manufacturing Inc. of Oshkosh, Wis., and renaming the wholly owned subsidiary Amada Marvel Inc. Earlier this year, Amada eliminated the subsidiary name and began selling Marvel machines under the Amada Machinery America brand.

Available in the Marvel classic (gray/orange) color scheme as well as Amada’s standard (red/black) color scheme, the Marvel Series comprises the following models:

Amada              Marvel classic               Operation                   Capacity

(red/black)     (gray/orange)

VT4555                       8-Mark-II                   Manual                 18” x 22” (450mm x 550mm)

VT4555M                   8-Mark-III                  Semi-Auto            18” x 22” (450mm x 550mm)

VT3850A                    380APC                      Auto                     15” x 20” (380mm x 500mm)

VT5063SW                 2150APC                    Auto                     20” x 25” (500mm x 630mm)

VT5063MW               2150M                        Semi-Auto            20” x 25” (500mm x 630mm)

VT7995S                    800APC                      Auto                     31” x 37” (800mm x 950mm)

VT7995M                   800M                          Semi-Auto            31” x 37” (800mm x 950mm)


The automatic-indexing VT5063SW (formerly the Marvel 2150A- PC3S) vertical tilt-frame band saw has a cutting capacity of 20 inches by 25 inches and a blade width of 1.5 inches. Other features include:

  • Electric tilt mitering up to 60 degrees left and right.
  • PC3 controls featuring graphical part programming with memory for 500 jobs and parts as well as a material selection chart and customizable material library.
  • Automatic servo-driven index; faster indexing and improved positioning controls provide for shuttle travel of 60 feet per minute (FPM) with improved accuracy while greatly reducing cycle times.
  • Optional offline programming software tool that integrates with PC3 controls to minimize material waste via nesting.
  • Optional extended-feed material-handling systems for 8-, 13-, and 18-foot lengths.

The various options are designed to help customers devise a machine that meets their unique needs rather than work around a one-size-fits-all solution. For more than 70 years, Amada has manufactured and sold horizontal bandsaws, milling, grinding, chip compactor machines, and blades to customers throughout North America.

  • Henry wrote:

    We have a new 2250 at work in a steel warehouse. When the blade tilts left or right I need to adjust the feed… either plus or minus depending on the tilt. This is because when the head tilts, the blade is no longer at center at the table height. I usually have a 0.06 inch tolerance. Is there a guide for this adjustment as it also varies depending on the severity of the angle

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