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Flexible High-Volume, High-Performance Welding Capability

Yaskawa America’s ArcWorld 6000 pre-engineered workcells featuring Motoman AR-series arc welding robots come with virtually everything you need to get up and running quickly and safely. Available in one-, two-, or three-robot configurations.

Yaskawa America’s ArcWorld 6000 pre-engineered workcells featuring Motoman AR-series arc welding robots and EtherNet I/P connectivity optimize high-volume medium- to large-sized part production. Available in one-, two-, or three-robot configurations.

The ArcWorld 6000 Series of pre-engineered robotic arc welding workcells from Yaskawa America Inc.’s Motoman Robotics Division (Dayton, OH) are easily customized and installed to optimize high-volume medium- to large-sized part production.

Single-robot (ArcWorld 6000), dual-robot (ArcWorld 6200), and triple-robot (ArcWorld 6300) configurations are available. All three models feature Motoman AR-series arc welding robots, offering the highest payloads, fastest speeds, and highest wrist allowable moments in its class. Streamlined arm provides easy access to parts in tights spots, avoiding potential interference with fixtures.

The robots are controlled by Yaskawa’s compact YRC1000 controller, which is integrated into the workcell along with separate cabinets for high- and low-voltage components and dedicated locations for power sources, water circulators, pneumatics, sensors, and other devices. Featuring multiple robot control with coordinated motion between devices, the controller allows the AW6200 and AW6300 robot configurations to operate from a single teach pendant.

Workcells also feature an AC servo-driven high-speed RM2 ferris-wheel positioner with 755-kilogram capacity per side and a 2.9-second indexing time. Featuring a  sealed motor that doesn’t require regular lubrication, the two-station positioner provides coordinated motion and infinite part positioning. (A 1,255-kilogram variation with automatic lubrication system minimizes maintenance.) The positioners offer a 2- or 3-meter tooling span with up to 1,300-mm part diameter. MotoMount fixture-mounting system simplifies tooling and reduces stress on positioner bearings, increasing positioner life and improving weld repeatability.

ArcWorld 6000 workcells are equipped with an intuitive digital interface for Fronius, Lincoln, or Miller power sources plus required torch, wire feeder, and sensor options. Advanced functions including weld inspection and process monitoring can be included as an option. EtherNet I/P connectivity is used to connect most peripheral devices and includes a utility to set up and troubleshoot connections to the robot.

The workcells feature a total safety environment compliant with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and other international standards. The YRC1000 robot controller includes a functional safety unit (FSU) that uses “stand still” monitoring of the positioner axis while the operator is interrupting the light curtain field.

The efficient workcell design has a 3,220 x 6,040 mm (2m workcell) or 4,220 x 6,040 mm (3m workcell) footprint. The robot, positioner, and safety fence all ship on a common platform, reducing installation and setup time. The controller and power source are shipped attached to the cell base and can be separated for maintenance.

Optional features include isolation transformers, second enabling switch, tip change box, bulk wire delivery, low wire sensor, gas flow sensor, exhaust hood and a stack light.

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  • Kevin D Anderson wrote:

    Interested in welding aluminium mostly parts. Max length approx 8 foot long x 12″ wide. Mostly 3/16″ thick some thicker. Budget of approx $175K

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