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Updated AC Servo Motors, Amplifiers, and Motion Control Units Facilitate Predictive Maintenance

The latest iteration of Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Melservo-J5 motion control products uses high-speed, high-precision control to maximize machine performance and combines operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) into a single integrated network.

Build a high-performance flexible servo system with the CC-Link IE TSN network and updated Melservo-J5 product portfolio. Powered by Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Maisart artificial intelligence, MR-J5 amplifiers monitor belt drives, ball screws, linear guides, and gears for signs of failure so you can schedule downtime on your terms.

Several new functions in the updated Melservo-J5 series of AC servo motors, amplifiers, and motion control units from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. (Vernon Hills, IL) enhance performance, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency and  lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by enabling predictive maintenance.

Quick-tuning allows users to quickly and reliably tune their servo mechanism in approximately 0.3 seconds. The servo amplifier sets the speed loop gain and suppresses machine resonance through the servo on command.

Additional functions and features include advanced vibration suppression, multiaxes servo amplifiers, expanded predictive maintenance capabilities powered by the company’s Maisart artificial intelligence technology, 31.25-microsecond communication cycle time, and multinetwork capability including compatibility with CC-Link IE TSN and EtherCAT.

Melservo-J5’s communication cycle time combined with a 3.5-kHz speed frequency response rate ensures precise, responsive movement and short settling time. Compatibility with CC-Link IE TSN facilitates IoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise and enables time synchronization across all connected devices at 1 gigabyte per second.

The series is also able to meet any axis requirements, from one to 256 axes, due to its scalable synchronous axes, while all the motion modules are programmed in a single software environment.

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