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Brand-Agnostic Management of Robotic Welding Parameters

Manufacturers that use EWM AG’s ewm Xnet digital data management software are able to meet product liability requirements with minimal effort. The program works with virtually any brand of power source and welding machine.

Complete documentation for quality assurance purposes is becoming more and more important in robotic welding. ewm Xnet, EWM AG’s welding quality management system, helps manufacturers achieve that goal. The software also improves productivity by providing real-time data on consumption and efficiency.
Preparation and subsequent controlling play a crucial role in automated welding. In addition to creating welding procedure specifications (WPS), permission to access ewm Xnet welding quality management program can be assigned individually by welder performance qualification (WPQ).
EMW AG’s versatile and easy-to-operate ewm Xnet recognizes and alerts users to changes to welding parameters in real time to prevent errors. Manufacturers that use the quality management software are able to meet product liability requirements with minimum effort, boost productivity, and reduce costs.
EMW AG’s ewm Xnet monitors current, voltage, wire feed speed, and gas flow rate throughout the robotic welding process and reports in real time if any parameter inconsistencies occur.
EMW AG’s web-based ewm Xnet quality management program is compatible with all operating systems. Once installed on a company’s server, it can be accessed via PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Documenting the robotic welding process is becoming more important for quality assurance and product liability purposes. EWM AG’s (Mündersbach, Germany) ewm Xnet welding quality management system documents, analyzes, and communicates everything related to a component throughout its entire production process, from work preparation to final costing, in real time to improve quality and provide a complete record.

In addition to welding procedure specifications (WPS) and welder performance qualification (WPQ), the web-based program logs current, voltage, wire feed speed, and gas flow rate. Order numbers, assemblies, batches, serial numbers, etc., are entered using a scanner and assigned to the welding process. Because ewm Xnet works in an open SQL database, various systems are able to read and write data for the purpose of digitization.

Compatible with all operating systems, the program is installed on a manufacturer’s server to be accessed via PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Both  EWM power sources and welding machines from any manufacturer can be integrated into the network.


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