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Electrodes Provide All The Utility With None Of The Danger

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s blue-tipped MultiStrike tungsten electrodes eliminate the health risk related to radiotoxic thoriated tungsten electrodes without compromising welding performance. They also last longer and offer better arc-striking characteristics.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s MultiStrike blue-tipped tungsten electrodes provide savings through longer life, more strikes per electrode before regrinding, less rework, less wastage, and lower power requirements. There’s no need to stock multiple electrode types because MultiStrikes can be used with AC and DC processes.

Red-tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes are said to contain 1.70% to 2.20% thorium. Thorium improves the quality of tungsten electrodes but also has a radio-toxic compound that poses a risk to welders, particularly during grinding.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s (West Melbourne, FL) blue-tipped MultiStrike tungsten electrodes contain a mix of nonradioactive rare earth elements, eliminating the risk to health posed by radiotoxic thoriated tungsten electrodes, while maintaining the high performance of a tungsten electrode.

“Welders continue to use thoriated tungsten electrodes as a cheaper alternative to other tungsten electrodes, often unaware of the risks,” says Technical Sales Manager Luke Keane. “Because MultiStrikes have no radiotoxic and carcinogenic additives, they don’t generate hazardous dust to be inhaled during grinding of the tips.”

Extensive tests show MultiStrikes offer up to 10 times longer life and improved arc-striking characteristics compared to other tungsten electrodes tested under the same conditions.

MultiStrikes can be used for welding aluminum with the AC process as well as steels and alloys with the DC process, so they increase productivity. Because welders can use one tungsten electrode to weld all materials, inventory requirements are reduced. There’s no need to stock a range of electrode types because MultiStrikes handle everything.


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