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One Micron Filtration (OMF) for EDM Application

Transor Filter USA shipped a specially designed V-18 Series modular filter to a prominent aerospace contractor. The V-18 unit will furnish multiple EDMs with a continuous supply of chilled, temperature-controlled oil required for intricate and precision applications.

Posted: September 23, 2020

Transor Filter’s standard V-18 Series modular filters have an integrated chiller unit. This unit, which was configured for an aerospace manufacturer, features a free-standing chiller.
Transor Filter USA is providing one micron filtration (OMF) via six V-18 Series modular filters, which serve multiple electrical discharge machines (EDMs). Two additional filter module slots allow for future expansion.
Three of the six V-18 Series filter modules on a custom unit Transor Filter USA configured for an aerospace customer.

Aerospace components require electrical discharge machines (EDMs) to make multiple intricate and precise cuts. Temperature-controlled, clean oil filtered to 1 micron reduces cycle times by enabling machines to stay in the cut longer and helps prevent arcs and pits that require rework.

V-18 Series modular filters from Transor Filter USA (Elk Grove Village, IL) are helping a prominent aerospace contractor optimize its EDMs.

In addition to all the standard features, the custom unit contains pumps for fast filling and circulation of the work tank along with pressure flushing. While standard models have an integrated chiller unit, this unit features a free-standing chiller. Like all Transor filters, maintenance is virtually eliminated because of the filters’ self-cleaning elements, which have a life expectancy of 25,000+ operating hours. Sludge removed during the self-cleaning process is deposited to a 55-gallon drum via a dragout.

Designed for growing businesses, the heart of Transor Filter’s system is a filter module that consists of three filter vessels, filter pump, and required plumbing. To expand, the user adds another filter module to accommodate additional machines. The unit’s internal electrics are already in place, so connecting additional machine tools is simple and involves no downtime.

The custom V-18 was outfitted with six filter modules to handle the dirt load and deliver one micron filtration (OMF) oil to multiple EDMs and has two additional filter module slots for expansion. While this unit was designed for an aerospace application, the V-Series includes models of various sizes for any EDM sinker application.

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