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Crawford Co., Seaberg Industries Complete Purchase Agreement

As of Oct 2., Seaberg Industries, a manufacturer of metal fabricated and precision machined parts, components, and assemblies, will operate as part of Crawford Co.’s fabrication division.

Posted: October 13, 2020

Seaberg Industries will continue business as usual at its same location in Davenport, Iowa.

Crawford Co. (Rock Island, IL) and Seaberg Industries (Davenport, IA) have announced the two businesses have executed a purchase agreement –– Crawford Co. assumed ownership of Seaberg Industries on Oct. 2, and Seaberg has become a new division within Crawford Co. Employees of Seaberg were retained and became employees of Crawford Co.

Seaberg will continue to do business as usual and includes the same contact information and internal structure. The Seaberg business remains at 2395 West Lake Blvd., Davenport, Iowa. Seaberg’s phone number (563-445-2130) and web address ( are unchanged. Seaberg’s business model will most closely align with Crawford’s fabrication division. Keith Gerks, Crawford fabrication division manager, will play a key role in this transition.

Founded in 1973, Seaberg is a leading manufacturer of metal fabricated and precision machined parts, components, and assemblies. These parts include brackets, engine supports, plates, adapters, braces, step assemblies, and more. The business was founded by George Seaberg. Seaberg’s most recent owners –– Craig Kinzer, Jim Merten, Ray Clark, Tony Alvarado, and Brian DeKeyzer –– executed the purchase agreement with Crawford.

Crawford Co., founded in 1952, specializes in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, drain cleaning, electrical, laser cutting, specialty welded fabrication, brewing equipment, custom architectural products, and Monoxivent products and services. Crawford has been located in Rock Island for its entire 68-year history and also has a location in Dubuque, Iowa. Crawford serves industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Crawford owners are Ian Frink and Jim Maynard.

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