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Enhance Safety By Eliminating Workarounds 

Reaching tough weldments on a homemade fixture can force welders to climb ladders, crawl around on the floor, manually move heavy parts, or engineer other risky access solutions. Bluco’s modular fixturing provides the flexibility they need to safely solve difficult welding challenges.

Bluco modular component kits are customized for each customer from a selection of over 450 components. Every kit is compatible with the company’s tables, rail systems, positioners, and manipulators. Each is designed to solve unique challenges, and all are designed to work together.

Tooling impacts shop safety, downtime, budget, and available floorspace as well as weldment quality. Compatible with the company’s tables, manipulators, positioners, and rail system, modular fixturing systems from Bluco Corp. (Naperville, IL) positively impact all four areas at once.

Create a safer work environment by eliminating workarounds. Reaching tough weldments on a homemade fixture can mean welders are forced to climb ladders, crawl on the floor, manually move heavy parts, or engineer other risky workarounds. Every customized solution is designed to eliminate challenges while keeping welders safe and comfortable.

Reduce downtime by fixturing more accurately and efficiently. While dedicated fixtures can take weeks to create, the modular solutions can be assembled in minutes. This saves time up front and, in a high-mix/low-volume shop, saves time every time a fixture needs to be changed over to hold another part. Precision bores (±0.001-inch between centers) ensure accurate fixtures can be built time and time again, so weldments don’t require time-sucking rework.

Increase return on investment with every fixture. Modular components are reusable, which means that every fixture built significantly reduces long-term tooling costs. While building eight to 10 dedicated fixtures might require eight to 10 capital expenditures, one modular investment can cover all fixturing needs, enhancing the bottom line by eliminating expenses.

Maximize use of space and reduce storage needs. Floor space isn’t free. Every inch taken up by a fixture not in use is space that isn’t being used to turn a profit. Modular components eliminate the need to store bulky dedicated fixtures. Modular fixturing makes the most of every inch of the factory floor by turning more space into working space with quick changeover that keeps workers moving.

Bluco has 30 years of experience creating solutions for customers in hundreds of industries. Customers can preview modular systems in the company’s 4,500-square-foot showroom or prove out their customized solution in Bluco’s 7,000-square-foot validation center.



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