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Reverse Engineering for Dummies

The only end-to-end inspection software dedicated to model-based definition (MBD) and built on a CAD/CAM platform, Verisurf 2020 enhances reverse engineering with a surface modeling option and other practical features.

Posted: October 4, 2020

Many manufacturers want to 3D scan and measure virtually everything they produce, whether it be for quality inspection and reporting, reverse engineering, or tool building. “This release provides complete measurement solutions that are powerful yet easy to use, delivering excellent price/performance ratio,” says Verisurf Software President and CEO Ernie Husted of Verisurf 2020 software. “You can finish the job, from managing CMMs to 3D scanning and data collection, to 3D CAD modeling, Class-A surface modeling, and verification of finished parts.”

Verisurf Software Inc.’s (Anaheim, CA) Verisurf is the only measurement, inspection, and reverse engineering software dedicated to model-based definition (MBD) and built on a CAD/CAM platform. This enables greater compatibility, workflow integration, and more complete end-to-end solutions customers are looking for. Enhancements in the latest release, Verisurf 2020, include new reverse engineering tools, expanded device support to keep up with emerging measurement and data capture technologies, and features designed to streamline workflows.

Verisurf 2020 highlights include:

  • New Quick Surface option for Verisurf Reverse that quickly creates high-quality surfaces from scanned meshes or STL files. Quick Surface maintains curvature continuity between adjacent surfaces and is ideal for creating smooth, free-form CAD surfaces from organic or prismatic meshes.
  • New mesh editing hotkeys enable rapid selection and switching between edit tools.
  • Improved Power Mesh settings quickly merge, clean up, refine, smooth, extend, fill holes, and create meshes in one step.
  • Assure Mesh Continuity with New Stitch Mesh connects mesh edges and vertices within a user-settable tolerance, making it easy to mesh multiple CAD surfaces and stitch them together into a single, watertight mesh.
  • Quad Mesh produces highly uniform, triangular or quad-type smooth meshes before surfacing that align with the curvature.
  • Optimize Mesh reduces the size of any polygonal mesh without compromising form integrity.
  • Improved Sketching on Meshes tool automatically snaps to any existing parametric spline node or wire-frame entity on the mesh.
  • Improved Project Grid option for Mesh Construct tool projects a grid-shaped point cloud onto the displayed mesh surface based on the current Graphics view.
  • Bundle Points feature has been updated to improve data management, quality, and reporting.
  • Addition of Analysis Projection settings to Ops Manager streamlines workflows.
  • Updated device support for the latest metrology hardware.
  • All-in-one Translator Bundle for common native geometry formats, including automatic updates
  • Verisurf Software Mobile Companion app for iOS and Android phones.
  • Hands-free VS Watch lets operators view dynamic Build or Measure DROs hands-free on iOS- or Android-compatible watches.

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