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A Healthy Antidote to Fiber Laser Dust and Fumes

Fiber lasers provide excellent cutting power and speed, but also produce high volumes of very fine particulate that can quickly overwhelm traditional dust collectors. RoboVent’s plug-and-play Senturion is designed specifically for fiber laser cutting.

Posted: December 28, 2020

Manufacturers may find that the dust collectors they used for CO2 lasers or first-generation fiber lasers are no longer adequate for the job. RoboVent’s Senturion keeps up with the demands of fiber laser dust collection in high-production manufacturing facilities.

Fiber lasers produce large volumes of very fine particulates moving at high velocities within the laser enclosure. The dust can get deeply embedded in filter media, making it difficult to pulse off and causing premature loading. If filters clog, or the dust collector can’t keep up with the volume, dust builds up in the enclosure. Over time, it can damage equipment and lead to product quality issues or safety concerns.

The plug-and-play Senturion from RoboVent (Sterling Heights, MI) manages fiber laser cutting’s dust volume and type with a powerful motor-blower combination that ensures adequate airflow, Pleatlock filters that capture more dust with less loading, and a pulsing system that keeps dust from embedding in the filter media.

The dust collector comes with an advanced touchscreen control system and SafeSensor Particulate Monitor that stops the collector when it detects leaks past the filter.


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