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CNC Plasma Plate and Pipe Cutter

The semi-automatic control system on Kaast’s Plasmasonic switches quickly   between plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Add a pipe cutter or bevel cutter for welding preparation to configure an all-in-one machine that cuts metal sheets and pipes, chamfers, marks, and perforates.

Posted: December 28, 2020

The controller on Kaast’s Plasmasonic allows up to four cutting head-carriers (plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting heads with independent height adjustment) in any combination. CNC includes automatic parameter database and gas control so shops can cut sheets or pipes, chamfer, mark, and perforate with one machine.

The Plasmasonic CNC plasma cutter from Kaast Machine Tools Inc. (Ardmore, PA) combines plasma, oxy-fuel, and pipe cutting in the same machine and, when equipped with optional bevel cutting unit for 5-axis operation, prepares components for welding. Equipped with a Precision Plasma LLC fine-beam generator for very fast piercing and high cutting speeds with an almost perfectly square cutting edge and automatic CNC-controlled gas-mixing console, the machine’s network card ensures easy integration into a shop’s existing network.

The carriage with magnetic plasma cutting head holder and oxy-fuel torch allows for quick changeover from plasma to oxy-fuel cutting and back, and prevents damage in case of collision. Dual AC servo motors precisely drive the bridge from both sides, eliminating lag error.

Ergonomic control panel lets operator control motors, power source, and ventilation systems. CNC automatically sets process parameters (gas mixture, gas pressure, regulation of cutting current, selection of feed rates, indication of nozzle/cap combination), orients workpieces, adjusts cutting gap, and displays all relevant machine data and statuses.

Controls are industrial PC, USB port, CD drive, hard drive, and TFT screen.

CNC files can be imported in ISO ESSI, G-code, and DXF formats. Edit and design parts in the integrated CAD/CAM program with auto-nesting function.

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