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Extreme Bevel Consumables for Versatile Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 operates with air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas, combining fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity. LongLife technology significantly increases consumable life to lower cost per part.

Posted: December 28, 2020

Combining 100% duty cycle with 200 amps of power, Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 LongLife plasma cutter minimizes the need for secondary operations by providing superior cut quality and consistency.
LongLife technology lowers cost per part by significantly increasing the life of extreme bevel consumables for Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 air and oxygen plasma cutting system. The consumables are designed for mechanized, robotic, and handheld cutting.

Engineered with 100% duty cycle for heavy-duty automated as well as manual operation, the easy-to-use MAXPRO200 LongLife plasma cutting system from Hypertherm (Hanover, NH) operates with air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas. The fastest cut speeds in its class combined with quick process changes further maximize productivity.

Automatic settings, tool-free leads, and optional quick-disconnect torches enable operators to quickly transition between cutting and gouging and mechanized and handheld processes. Optimized cutting parameters are automatically set and controlled in one step to deliver consistent results without operator intervention. Optional serial communications allow full control of the system from the CNC.

An aggressive pointed geometry that enables the plasma torch to tilt 66.5 degrees makes the company’s extreme bevel consumables ideal for jobs including steep mechanized beveling, tube and pipe cutting, structural steel work, pressure vessel construction, and handheld cutting. It’s also easier for operators to see what they’re cutting and gives them better access to beam flanges and areas with limited clearance for better cuts and fewer secondary operations.

Available for air and oxygen cutting at 130 and 200 amps, the consumables can be purchased separately or as part of a starter kit (part 528058).


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