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High-Power Fiber Lasers Cut A Wider Range of Materials

With 15kW of power, Bystronic’s ByStar Fiber 3015 and ByStar Fiber 4020 cut steel, aluminum, and stainless steel from 20 gauge to 1.5 inch thick as well as brass and copper up to 0.750 inch.

Posted: December 28, 2020

Bystronic’s ByStar 3015 and ByStar 4020 are available with 15kW of laser power to provide smooth cutting and high operational reliability across the entire range of carbon steel up to 1.125-inch thick. The increased power and materials range enables sheet metal processors to expand their production capabilities.
The SCC cutting head on Bystronic’s ByStar 3015 and ByStar 4020 enables the fiber lasers to cut aluminum, nonferrous metals, and steel with maximum precision in thin and thick sheets and profiles.
Optional BeamShaper function ensures high cutting quality in carbon steel up to 1.125-inch thick with varying material characteristics.

Bystronic Inc.’s (Hoffman Estates, IL) ByStar 3015 and ByStar 4020 are available with 15kW of laser power. In addition to increasing cutting speeds 50% (on average, when cutting with nitrogen) compared to a 10kW laser source, the enhanced power processes a greater range of materials for a wider range of applications.

The 15kW laser output maximizes flexibility by enabling extended applications in stainless steel and aluminum up to 1.5 inch thick. Whether cutting aluminum, nonferrous metals, or steel, the company’s SSC cutting head maximizes precision in thin and thick sheets as well as profiles. The variable telescoping cutting head automatically adjusts the focal length and spot size, and the focal position is set automatically for each material.

BeamShaper automatically adapts the beam profile for cutting thicker materials, providing for smooth cutting edges and increased speeds in carbon steels from 0.750 inch to 1.125 inch. The function can be selected as an option on a new machine or added later as an upgrade.

ByVision Cutting control interface with 21.5-inch touchscreen makes operating the fiber laser as easy as using a smartphone.

Automation options include loading/unloading and sorting systems and individually configurable storage systems. A seamlessly integrated automated laser cutting process can be configured for virtually any manufacturing environment and available space.


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