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High-Rigidity ATC-Type Multitasking Machine

Featuring a large machining area envelope and short tool spindle, the highly efficient Nakamura-Tome JX-250 mill/turn machining center from Methods Machine Tools allows maximum part length and performs left and right simultaneous machining.

Posted: December 31, 2020

The exclusive U.S. importer of Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers, Methods Machine Tools offers the Nakamura-Tome JX-250 mill/turn solution for high-precision aerospace, automotive, and medical manufacturing.

The multitasking Nakamura-Tome JX-250 from Methods Machine Tools Inc. (Sudbury, MA) offers the largest machining-area envelope in its class for high-precision milling and turning of complex parts. The 12,000-rpm ATC-style machine’s NT Smart Cube tool spindle is the shortest on the market to permit maximum part length on the left and right spindles, including when the horizontal tool spindle and lower turrets are in the cut.

Maximum turning diameter is 12.6 inches (320mm); maximum turning length is 65 inches (1,650mm). The left and right spindles have 3-inch (80mm) and 2.5-inch (65mm) bar capacity, respectively. Tool spindle X, Y, Z travel is 25.4 inches by ± 4.9 inches by ± 32.5 inches (645mm x ±125mm x ±825mm). The B-axis tool spindle positioning range is 240 degrees. Up to 168 tool stations are possible.

To optimize part transfer, independent right spindle guideways on lower turrets minimize the distance between the spindles at 11.8 inches (300 mm). For highest processing flexibility, a single or twin lower turret design is offered with overlapping travels. Y-axis box guideways are standard.

The horizontal bed’s wide, low center of gravity and a vertical column structure weighing 55,000 pounds provide exceptional rigidity. NT Thermo Navigator AI technology controls thermal growth during machining and compensates for temperature changes.

PC-based 19-inch SmartX touchscreen works with the Fanuc 31i-B5 control for a high degree of functionality. A 5-axis precision milling software package ensures optimal 5-axis milling.

Advanced NT Nurse System all-in-one software package eases  programming and production. Critical functionality includes phase recognition (key for multitasking), direct chucking enabling transfer without positioning error, precise synchronization of the left- and right-hand spindles, load monitor for identifying tool wear, tool life management, and machine monitoring. NT Work Navigator recognizes the coordinates of parts with non-round shapes, such as those in forgings and castings, to eliminate the need for costly positioning fixtures and clamping devices.

Electronic detector greatly reduces the impact and force of a machine collision. Should a crash occur, servo motor-feeding direction is reversed within 4 milliseconds and the machine will stop in EMG mode.


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