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Multiaxis Calibrator With Unlimited Measurement Range

Long-range measurement functionality in Carto 4.2 operating software enables Renishaw’s XM-60 multiaxis calibrator to capture and analyze data from a linear axis regardless of how long it is. The program also facilitates Heidenhain linear compensation.

Renishaw continually refines the Carto software suite to add value for users of its calibration products, such as the multiaxis XM-60.
Renishaw’s XM-60 simultaneously measures errors in six degrees of freedom (6DoF) along a linear axis from one setup. Dynamic data fit (DDF) functionality in the Capture application of the Carto 4.2 software suite gives the multiaxis calibrator unlimited measurement range.

The XM-60 multiaxis calibrator from Renishaw (West Dundee, IL) measures all six degrees of freedom (6DoF) – linear, vertical and horizontal straightness, pitch, yaw and roll – in any orientation from a single setup. Carto 4.2 software increases the calibrator’s versatility further by using dynamic data fit (DDF) functionality to quickly capture and analyze data from linear axes of any length.

Carto Capture’s DDF functionality allows users to capture straightness measurements dynamically by recalculating test data to reduce outlying datapoints. This improved method offers greater resilience to environmental interference and a better representation of straightness errors for longer axes.

Heidenhain linear compensation is a new option in Carto Compensate 4.2. The application allows laser users to apply pitch error compensation to Heidenhain machine tool controls in a quick-and-easy process.

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