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One Machine Performs Multiple Processes on Parts Up to 8 Inches in Diameter

Tormach’s 8L lathe provides operators with everything they need to face, turn, bore, groove, and thread 1-inch-diameter materials including stainless steel and titanium. They can add a 3- or 4-jaw chuck to cut the stock for workpieces up to 8 inches in diameter.

Posted: December 31, 2020

Tormach’s fully loaded Model 8L lathe costs less than $10,000. The basic machine with tailstock and fully assembled enclosure starts at $6,595. Deluxe package including stand with coolant tank, chip drawer for easy removal, storage drawers and optional side shelving as well as PathPilot controller, toolholder / tool kit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse is $8,875.

Rigid enough to cut anything, including stainless steel and titanium, the 26-by-50-inch-footprint Model 8L lathe from Tormach Inc. (Waunakee, WI) is a small machine with big capabilities.

Like all the company’s machine tools, the lathe runs on standard single-phase household power (115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, and a 15 A breaker). However, its 1.5-horsepower (1.11 kW) 5C spindle runs at 180 rpm to 5,000 rpm to fulfill a variety of turning needs. Stepper motors on the X and Z axes provide a feed rate of 150 inches per minute (IPM; 3.8 m/min).

The machine accommodates parts up to 1 inch in diameter. For workpieces up to 8 inches in diameter, operators can add a 3- or 4-jaw chuck to cut the stock. Travels are impressive for the machine’s compact size. Maximum workpiece length is 10 inches with the tailstock. X-axis travel is 4.5 inches to accommodate a part that fully uses the 8-inch swing.

Instead of the operator needing two wrenches to turn hardware in opposite directions, the machine can lock down the toolholder thanks to the industry-standard (size 0XA) quick-change tool post. In addition to making this inconvenient task easier, ‘one-hand tool changing’ greatly reduces the time required to change tooling.

Conversational PathPilot control software enables operators to easily program, do rigid tapping, and leverage built-in Dropbox support for transferring programs.

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