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Versatile and Virtually Seamless Dual-Measurement System

All Mitutoyo America FormTracer Avant models can be retrofitted with detectors that convert a contour measuring unit or surface roughness tester to a high-precision system that measures both attributes without closing down the software or switching off the controller.

Posted: December 1, 2020

Mitutoyo’s FormTracer Avant switches between contour and surface roughness measurement without having to turn off the machine. Productivity is further enhanced with higher drive speed on X and Z axes and easier part programming via new operation keys on the remote joystick box.

The FormTracer Avant from Mitutoyo America Corp. (Aurora, IL) provides a two-in-one measurement system by enabling the user to quickly swap surface and contour detector heads without turning off the machine. A positioning pin that ensures accurate placement and detectors that automatically recognize the software cuts changeover time 70% over previous models.

Several other features increase efficiency without compromising precision.

The benchtop Avant C-4000 uses FormTracePak software to slow the downward motion of the stylus when dropping off an edge, allowing the drop rate to be more controlled to prevent breakage. After measurement, the stylus retracts 58% faster than previous models.

Higher speeds for the drive unit and column axis and quick-stroke return increase throughput by reducing setup time. The drive-unit’s X-axis moves at 80mm/s (max), while the column vertical Z2-axis moves at 30mm/s (max).

Positioning distance is reduced to its limit of 0.05mm.

New operation keys on the remote joystick box make part programming and workpiece setup easier. One-touch part program key helps in the creation of part programs, while button functions eliminate having to manipulate the software.

X-axis drive inclines ±45 deg. to measure inclined surfaces without added fixtures. Continuously measure upper/lower surfaces using double-sided conical stylus. A wide variety of optional accessories enables measurement of nearly any workpiece.


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