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Robotic Kit for Precise, Affordable Finishing

OnRobot’s random orbital sander is an out-of-the-box automated sanding and polishing solution that works with virtually any collaborative robot (cobot) brand. Brushless electric motor costs less than traditional pneumatically powered sanding systems.

Sanding is often dirty and dangerous work that carries a range of potential health risks for workers, from the debilitating ‘white-finger syndrome’ caused by high-vibration hand tools to lung damage caused by particulate matter. OnRobot’s random orbital sander uses 3M clean sandpaper discs, which extract more dust to provide a safer work environment compared to competing systems.

Traditional sanding automation solutions often require a background in robotics to implement and maintain. The all-electric random orbital sanding kit from OnRobot (Odense, Denmark) eliminates the hassle and cost of implementing robotic processes by providing everything a manufacturer needs to quickly and easily start finishing: plug-and-play end effector, standard sanding and polishing pads that support flat, curved and uneven part geometries and can be used on a wide range of materials, easy-to-use programming software, and automated changer that switches between sanding grits without operator intervention. Optional force/torque sensor enables the tool to adapt to surface variations or part misalignment while improving consistency and quality and reducing scrap rate.

The tool’s “Save Position” button allows operators to set waypoints manually without using the robot’s teach pendant. The intuitive software comes with path-planning options – handguide, shape and points – and lets operators adjust rotation speed to optimize cycle time and consistency.

All features are supported on Universal Robots cobots, but the tool integrates with any major robot brand.

The 2.64-pound (1.2 kg) tool combines the power of a 10,000-rpm brushless electric motor with operating costs that are up to 95% lower than pneumatic sanding systems. Traditional pneumatic sanding machines use external air compressors that are expensive and prone to leaks. The lifespan of the robotic sander’s brushless electric motor is equal to or greater than pneumatic systems.

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