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Shop Chair Eliminates Five Common Pain Points

The seat, backrest, and arms of the American-made Vyper Chair are adjustable. Additional features such as a footrest increase welder and fabricator comfort and productivity by correcting posture and reducing back strain.

Posted: January 12, 2021

The Vyper Chair’s seat and backrest can be customized by adding a logo and color.

The Vyper Chair from Vyper Engineering LLC (Green Bay, WI) is fully adjustable and made from heavy-duty 100% American-made components to improve the comfort and productivity of welders, machinists, fabricators, and assemblers.

The seat of the rolling shop chair has 4 inches of foam padding and is covered with double-stitched industrial-grade leather. Strategically designed backrest improves posture and is at the perfect angle for welders and fabricators.

Robust 1-inch acme thread rod that holds over 400 pounds eliminates the hassle of having to constantly adjust height.

To increase strength and sturdiness, fully customizable arms are made from machined steel or aluminum. To make the chair even stronger, a stainless-steel footrest provides the additional benefit of correcting posture and reducing back strain.

The wheels are 4-inch industrial-grade casters that glide over any surface smoothly and quietly, significantly reducing the effort required to move and removing the jerky motion offered by inferior stools.

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