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6-Axis Welding Cobots Provide Maximum Flexibility

Fanuc adds 15- and 33-pound-payload welding cobots to the ARC Mate product line. The arc welding cobots’ easy-to-program interface supports both simple and complex applications using advanced features.

Posted: February 9, 2021

Fanuc’s compact CR-7iA/L and CR-15iA arc welding cobots provide a large range of motion while eliminating the need for expensive and space-consuming safety guarding. Floor, ceiling, and angle mounting options increase flexibility even further.

Thanks to their slim arm and hollow wrist design, the CR-7iA/L for ARC and CR-15iA for ARC welding cobots from Fanuc America Corp. (Rochester Hills, MI) access the narrowest spaces and can handle extremely high payloads. Like all collaborative robots (cobots), a safety-rated contact sensor enables the cobots to work safely alongside welders without the need for expensive guarding.

They’re easy to use even for operators who’ve never used a robot. Fanuc’s ArcTool programming interface supports both simple and complex applications, including advanced features such as weaving, iRVision, seam tracking, thru-arm seam tracking (TAST), touch sensing, and multipass.

R-30iB Plus controller features an intuitive iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions. Hand guidance function enables users to teach the cobot by leading it through paths.

Both models provide 6 axes of motion and offer floor, ceiling, and angle mounting options for maximum flexibility. High payload capabilities combined with the large motion range increases system flexibility to process a broad range of parts:

CR-7iA/L for ARC: 15-pound (7kg) payload and 36-inch (911mm) reach.

CR-15iA for ARC: 33-pound (15kg) payload and 57-inch (1,441mm) reach. Hollow wrist enables seamless integration of weld package dress-outs, third-party utilities, and sensor cables.

They also support applications, such as wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), that can significantly reduce material waste.

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