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Automated Centerless Tube Grinder

An automated version of Glebar’s TF-9BHD infeed/thrufeed centerless grinder, the TF-9D features the widest work wheel on the market. Customizable interface designed for automation and 8-5/8-inch-wide work wheel combine to increase throughput.

Posted: February 10, 2021

Glebar’s TF-9DHD infeed/thrufeed centerless grinder can be built on an available 2,000 pound granite bed for superior thermal stability and vibration control. Its work wheel is the widest on the market: 8-5/8 inches (219mm).

An automated version of Glebar Co.’s (Ramsey, NJ) TF-9BHD thrufeed grinder, the TF-9D’s work wheel is the widest on the market: 8-5/8 inches (219mm) by 9 inches in diameter. The 15HP main spindle motor that grinds shapes up to 7.8 inches in one pass and easy-to-use programming software increase throughput with consistently accurate production regardless of operator skill.

Hard chrome-plated cast iron top and bottom slides are dovetail-ground to provide superior rigidity when positioning the regulating wheel and can be positioned independently, significantly reducing setup times.

The grinding wheel is mounted on a twin-grip super-precision spindle. The workhead assembly design enables on operator to replace the grinding wheel in under 15 minutes.

The HMI touchscreen can be tailored to address virtually any process. The company customizes the interface to adapt to the customer’s inspection systems to further automate production.

Remote connectivity simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance.

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