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End-Effector Kits Increase Cobot Flexibility

Do you own a Fanuc CRX cobot? Thinking of buying one? ATI Industrial Automation’s end-effector kits make the most of your investment by enabling applications including deburring, orbital sanding, tool changing, and force/torque sensing.

Posted: February 8, 2021

Six ATI Industrial Automation end-effector kits come with all the hardware and software necessary to quickly get a Fanuc CRX cobot up and running. (Click to enlarge image.)

ATI Industrial Automation (Apex, NC) CRX-ready end-effector kits give Fanuc CRX cobot owners an easy way to add collaborative robotic (cobotic) applications. With options for automatic tool changing, force sensing, and material removal, the all-in-one packages enable tasks such as assembly, machine tending, part inspection, and surface preparation to be easily implemented easily.

In addition to the end-effector, the kit includes all hardware and software required for system connection. Within the teach pendant are simple controls to program the equipment and simplify complex tasks, and through just a few programming adjustments the end-effectors can be easily repurposed and adapted for future applications.

Kits are available for these ATI end-effectors:

  • QC-7 robotic tool changing and storage solution in various configurations via pass-through utility modules and tool stand systems.
  • MC-10 manual tool changer with locking mechanism and ergonomic design that includes tactile click as well as a visual indicator of lock/unlock status.
  • RCV-250 radially compliant deburring tool for removing flash and parting lines and edge deburring; integrated compliance and adjustable cutting force simplify programming and enable a consistent finish.
  • Motorless compliant deburring blade (CDB) for edge deburring, chamfering, countersinking, scraping and deflashing that ensures consistent results despite variation in part size, part positioning, or cobot location.
  • AOV-10 axially compliant orbital sander for surface preparation and finishing.

Axia90 force/torque sensor that gives the cobot responsiveness to sense and adapt to its environment.

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