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Fully Integrated System Automates Pipe Cutting From Start to Finish

HGG Profiling Equipment’s ProCutter900 RB increases throughput by continuously feeding, cutting and profiling, and moving pipe out. The small-footprint machine’s accuracy dramatically reduces post-cutting grinding, fitting and welding time.

Posted: February 10, 2021

HGG Profiling Equipment’s fully automated ProCutter900 RB pipe-feeding-and-cutting system keeps welding booths supplied with spools cut to tolerance so skilled welders don’t have to spend time fitting. Preparing a typical header with 82 beveled holes is typically reduced from 26 hours to 2 hours. Industry application: pipe profiler for skids

The ProCutter900 RB from HGG Profiling Equipment (Houston, TX) adds full logistic process on a small footprint to its ProCutter pipe-cutting machine family. Along with accurately cutting precision profiles from 2-to-36-inch-diameter pipe up to 42 feet long, the RB Series integrates a totally automated material handling system on a small footprint.

With the integrated infeed conveyor, raw material is continuously fed into the machine, cut and profiled with a pantograph cutting arm, and then systematically moved out parallel to the cutting table. The entire process is automated. Integrated two-point fume extraction system optimizes operator safety.

The pipe cutter’s accuracy dramatically reduces grinding, fitting and welding time after profiles are cut. To ensure perfect fitup and work preparation, the company’s software enables easy 3D parameter-based programming of root, kerf, and divergence via easy-to-use interface with graphic touchscreen navigation. Three-jaw chuck ensures pipe is securely positioned. Durable support and cutting bed on rollers facilitates pipe loading and unloading. The rugged frame supports a cutting trolley with biaxial cutting head using plasma.

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