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Smaller-Footprint, Easier-to-Use Vertical Machining Center (VMC)

Mazak’s VC-Ez 20 is the first of three vertical machining centers (VMCs) that offer much the same functionality and performance as previous models, but in a more compact and more affordable package.

Posted: February 11, 2021

Mazak’s VC-Ez 20 is the first of three vertical machining centers (VMCs) that offer much the same functionality and performance as previous models, but in a more compact and more affordable package.
Designed to affordably provide advanced manufacturing technology without sacrificing machine capability or production performance, Mazak’s SmoothEz CNC includes such advanced SmoothAi CNC features as Smooth machining configuration, Quick Mazatrol, and Mazatrol Twins. In addition to standard G-code, the control uses conversationally presented questions to gather the information necessary to automatically generate a part program. End mill pecking cycles for point machining and support for more precise chamfering further improve programming capability.

The VC-Ez 20 is the first of three 3-axis vertical machining centers (VMCs) from Mazak Corp. (Florence, KY) designed to provide maximum performance at a lower capital investment in a smaller footprint. Optimized for simple operation as well as fast and easy installation, the machines offer enhanced ergonomics as well as stable and reliable part processing.

The series will include smaller and larger machines: VC-Ez 16 and VC-Ez 26. All sport C-frame designs with X- and Y-axis motion via moving tables and saddles. For rigidity and repeatable part precision, guideways use high-rigidity MX linear roller guide systems, while pretensioned ball screws ensure precise axis movement. Auger-type chip removal is standard; hinge-type conveyor that ships attached to the machine to eliminate the cost of a second shipping pallet is optional.

To shorten the learning curve for new operators, Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC provides dual 800 MHz processors, 512 MB of RAM and a 15-inch capacitive touchscreen that includes a full keyboard and displays up to 60 lines of code. EIA/G-code and Mazatrol languages support a full range of programming options directly on the machine. Mazatrol Twins function enables use of Solid Mazatrol, Virtual Machining and Cutting Adviser through Smooth Cam Ai and centralized storage and file management through Smooth Project Manager.

The control’s Launcher interface is accessible in every screen, providing one-touch navigation to any other screen. Quick Mazatrol function simplifies program creation and confirmation through touchscreen editing and confirmation of 3D models.

Axis travels measuring 41.34 inches in X, 20.08 inches in Y and 25 inches in Z accommodate workpieces 29.21 inches long, 19.37 inches wide, and 22.4 inches tall and weighing 2,204 pounds.

The machine features a powerful 40-taper, 12,000-rpm, 25-hp spindle and 30-tool magazine automatic tool changer. Options include a 15,000-rpm, 29.5-hp spindle with 81.13 ft-lb torque and 50-tool changer.

Shops also can opt for various rotary tables, filter trays, dual probe kits, through-spindle coolant, Niagara coolant and Mazak’s Superflow 1,000-psi high-pressure coolant systems. With programmable coolant nozzles controlled via M-code or from a separate panel, the machine provides hands-free nozzle adjustment, 180°+ range of motion and precision teaching for every tool.

For enhanced operator ergonomics, floor-to-worktable height is 41.10 inches. Distance between the machine exterior and spindle is 32.57 inches, easing part and tool loading and unloading. Top access is 3.3 inches from table center to allow for crane-loading of parts; doors open wider than table lengths for ample load/unload clearance from the front. Ez Tool Station stores tools outside the machine, often eliminating the need for separate tool carts.

Requiring 102.65 square feet of floor space, the machine’s footprint is 26.5% smaller than previous VMCs.

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