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Updated Software Expands Force Gage Versatility

Ametek’s Chatillon DFS II Series digital force gage with ForceTest 2.0 software gives the operator a highly flexible testing system while additional functionality. The operator also benefits from live test graphs and data analysis.

Posted: February 12, 2021

Ametek’s Chatillon DF II Series digital force gage comes with updated ForceTest software that’s easy to use, offers a wide range of measurement units (ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N), and provides password protection for gage setups.

The Chatillon DFS II Series digital force gage from Ametek (Largo, FL) comes with ForceTest 2.0, a Windows 10-based version of the company’s measurement software that ensures tension, compression, torque, peel and friction tests are simple to set up and results are accurate and easy to read.

Step-by-step wizard-driven menus guide the operator through creating test programs while indicating progress achieved. Basic force measurement such as tensile and compression test formats – including pull to break, pull to limit, compress to rupture, and compress to limit – are performed by clicking a few buttons. The graph can be viewed in real time on the screen while the test is running. Upper and lower limits may be set as control limits and captured in test reports.

To reduce setup time, the software accommodates the most commonly used test types. Once created, a template allows the operator to auto-load the last test performed and to open previously saved tests for use as a template for new tests.

A multitude of formats allows results to be analyzed according to need. Results can be exported as PDF, Word, RTF, Image, CSV. Text, XLS, XLSX, HTML, and MHT files. Graphs and test results can be exported in the same formats. Custom test report templates are available, and the reports can easily be dropped into local or networked directories.

Custom chart colors can easily be set for viewing. Units of measure, fonts, titles, and force measurement resolution can also be customized.

The compact DFS II can be mounted to a TCM motorized test stand to perform testing at the end of a production line and transfer the results to a PC.

It also may be equipped with load cells or smart remote sensors for load measurement or torque measurement. The high-resolution LCD display supports standard gage functions including normal and peak readings, high/low limits, set points, pass/fail results, statistical results, load averaging, load comparisons, % and sharp break detection, load cell actuation, and direction. Measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% full scale in integral load cell or dedicated remote models.

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