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Compact Cladding Cell Accommodates Diameters Up To 3.25 Feet

Fronius has taken a simple, compact solution for cladding applications on smaller parts and developed it for larger tasks. The all-in-one cell’s controls support two processes: TIG hot wire and a two-wire SpeedClad Twin process that’s three times faster.

Posted: March 7, 2021

The Fronius Compact Cladding Cell consists of power source set, stand, wire feeder, rotary table, switch cabinet, controller, and remote control.
The HMI T21 system controls offer 3D real-time visualization and value monitoring. Welding technology and seamless digital communication between system controls and power source guarantee high process reliability.
Using the TIG hot wire or SpeedClad Twin process, filler material is applied to a part, giving it a protective layer.

The Compact Cladding Cell from Fronius USA LLC (Portage, IN) is designed so the operator can work as comfortably as possible when welding riser pipes and valves for underwater components in the oil and gas industry (for example blow-out preventer stacks), pump parts, rollers, casting moulds, and other highly stressed parts.

The cell with enclosure consumes 108 square feet (10 square meters) of floor space. Consisting of power source set, stand, wire feeder, rotary table, switch cabinet, controller, and remote control, the cell accommodates parts up to 3.25 feet (1 meter) in diameter, 6.25 feet (1.9 meters) long, and weighing 2.75 tons (2,500 kg). The system also enables surfacing of a wide range of bore geometries (cylindrical, conical, multidiameter, etc.) from a bore diameter of 0.98-inch (25 millimeters).

All components are preinstalled for quick assembly and operation. The system uses a single power supply, which also facilitates installation.

Customers can choose from two processes: TIG hot wire and SpeedClad Twin, which uses two tungsten electrodes and two wires and is three times faster.

All system modules are optimally matched to each other to improve welding results. The horizontal rotary table ensures precise part positioning. The stand arm boom allows horizontal pendulum movements and enables various torches to be fitted, from internal cladding torches to a ring groove welding torch to the SpeedClad Twin welding torch. The wire feeder with double-wire option and four-roller drive operates the TransTig 5000 and TransTig 2200 power sources (the latter preheats the wire), which are required for the SpeedClad Twin process.

HMI T21 software facilitates programming and control of all components via control panel with 21-inch touchscreen. The software monitors and displays relevant welding parameters in real time and in 3D.

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