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Cost-Efficient Material Storage and Retrieval Systems

Eurostorage U.S. licensee Athena Manufacturing manufactures customized storage-and-retrieval systems that enable one employee to pull out a heavy drawer of sheet metal and profiles. The elegant and ergonomic designs are low maintenance as well.

Eurostorage U.S. licensee Athena Manufacturing manufactures custom storage-and-retrieval systems. A combination of manual pullout on the lower half and forklift accessible to cassettes on the top, the warehouse racking system maximizes storage all the way to the ceiling.  
Offering 3 tons of capacity per drawer, the horizontal racking system (HSR) from Eurostorage U.S. licensee Athena Manufacturing can be operated by one person. Geometric designs with the wheel system and vacuum lift optimize performance.  

Since 2018, Athena Manufacturing LP (Austin, TX) has been the North American manufacturing licensee for Eurostorage, a Belgian designer of storage-and-retrieval systems for sheet metal, tubing, pipe, bar stock, and angle iron.

While some designs are motorized, most are manually operated. They enable one person to roll a heavy drawer in and out to easily place and remove material. For example, an employee can pull up to 3 tons of material with a horizontal system with no additional help. Systems with mobile drawer functions can hold over 50 tons of material.

Designs include horizontal and vertical sheet metal racks, steel bar drawer rack, roll-out cantilever and cassette racks, cantilever with pivoting arms, and mobile frames rack. In addition to maximizing floor space, systems have increased productivity more than 35% by improving material organization.

Less expensive than automated material-handling systems, manual systems also require less maintenance. Countless systems have been in operation for over a decade without a service or parts request.


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