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Monitor Ensures Oxide-Free Titanium Welds in Automated Applications

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques’ updated PurgEye 500 Desk weld purge monitor is equipped with PurgeNet. The networking device connects to smart accessories including the drive system for automatic welders and orbital welders and a light accessory for visual warning.

Posted: March 7, 2021

Huntingdon’s PurgEye 500 Desk weld purge monitor can be integrated with automatic welding equipment for consistent measurement of oxygen levels. Audible alarm indicates high and low oxygen levels.

Designed to monitor oxygen levels in chambers and enclosures, orbital machines, and other automatic welding systems, the PurgEye 500 Desk from HFT COB Industries Inc. (West Melbourne, FL) is available with a networking option called PurgeNet. The device communicates the oxygen reading from the weld purge monitor to another piece of equipment, such as the company’s PurgeAlarm visual warning accessory or a dew point monitor with additional interpass temperature monitoring for automatic control functions based on oxygen level, dew point and weld substrate temperature.

Ideal for ultracritical or ‘golden’ welds where oxygen levels must be indicated to as low as 10 ppm, the weld purge monitor’s pump delivers exhausting purge gas to a measuring sensor on a consistent basis to allow precision control of the welding system.

Automatic fault-finding diagnostics detect and report a number of possible faults. Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display provides brighter, sharper readings at longer distances.

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