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Re-engineered Vacuum Furnace Accommodates Various Sizes, Speeds, and Processes

Featuring intuitive control software with an extensive material database and process simulation, Ipsen’s updated Turbo2Treater supports a wide range of hardening processes. Compact design fits in standard truck or shipping container.

Posted: March 4, 2021

Pennsylvania-based commercial heat-treating facility Vacu Braze uses Ipsen’s Turbo2Treater vacuum furnace to harden steels with Ipsen’s solution nitriding (SolNit) process. Parts range from surgical instruments to household appliances. High-speed, high-pressure internal gas quenching lowers cycle times while minimizing part distortion.

Designed for vacuum carburizing and high-pressure quench applications, the Turbo²Treater from Ipsen (Cherry Valley, IL) is versatile enough to heat treat components including long and thin parts, multilayer loads, tools and small dies, gears, drills and saw blades. High quench speeds and temperature uniformity of plus or minus 10 degrees F (5 degrees C) during heating and cooling shorten cycle times and minimize part distortion for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and tooling industries.

In addition to standard processes such as bright hardening, bright annealing, bright tempering, and brazing, the vacuum furnace supports optional processes such as low-pressure carburizing (AvaC), low-pressure carbonitriding (AvaC-N), and solution nitriding (SolNit). Quench pressure up to 12 bar with nitrogen (8 bar with argon) is ideal for hardening low-alloy materials.

Energy-efficiency features include intelligent pumps and variable-frequency drive for the cooling fan blower. Standard cooling gas flow is vertical, but optional alternating flow direction is available to increase quench uniformity and minimize part distortion.

Intuitive VacuProf 4.2 control software includes extensive material database and allows for process simulation.

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