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Two Versatile Bandsaws

The EXT at the end of these two Wellsaw model numbers stands for “extra.” The  1316S-EXT swivel-head miter bandsaw provides extra-wide capacity, and the V20F-24 EXT vertical bandsaw provides extra-tall capacity.

Posted: March 7, 2021

Wellsaw’s Model 1316S-EXT miter-head bandsaw with extended capacity miters to 60 degrees without having to swivel the stock. A large protractor ensures accurate angle selection.
Wellsaw’s Model V20F-24 EXT vertical bandsaw accommodates extra-large and -long workpieces. Heavy-duty roller guides rotate 90 degrees to accommodate long pieces.

U.S. bandsaw manufacturer Wellsaw Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI) offers two extra-capacity models for extra versatility on the shop floor:

The perfect tool for sawing oversized work without paying an oversized price, the Model 1316S-EXT is a 13-inch swivel-head miter bandsaw with extra-wide capacity. It cuts 18 inches wide at 45 and 90 degrees, and 14.5 inches wide at 60 degrees. Featuring a combination reduction gearbox and ring-and-pinion blade drive, the bandsaw comes with work stop, work light, and 5-foot infeed roller conveyor. Flood coolant is standard. Also available in semi-automatic.

The V20F 20-inch vertical bandsaw is available in a model with extra-tall capacity. The Model V20F-24 EXT has a 20-inch throat and 24 inches under the blade guide, making room to saw extra-large pieces. The blade guides can be quickly rotated 90 degrees to allow sawing from the side of the saw. In this position, cut length isn’t limited to the throat dimension but can be any length. This model comes standard with variable-frequency drive for the Baldor motor (VFD) and two-speed oil-bath gearbox to allow for a wide range of speeds.

Both models are available in single phase at no upcharge, even 115 volt. Both come with Tiger Tooth bimetal blade.

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