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World’s Most Powerful Vacuum Gripper Cost-Effectively Lifts Heavy Loads

Capable of lifting 44 pounds (20 kg), OnRobot’s electrically powered VGP20 vacuum gripper performs the same heavy-duty tasks as a pneumatic gripper for a fraction of the cost and complexity. Compatible with all major robot brands.

Posted: March 11, 2021

OnRobot’s VGP20 is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy vacuum gripper that can pick up bulky, heavy-duty payloads while being intelligent enough to handle a wide range of items, including those with irregular shapes and porous surfaces.

Compatible with all major robot brands, the VGP20 from OnRobot (Odense, Denmark) handles payloads up to 44.09 pounds (20 kg). Easy to deploy and operate, the electric vacuum gripper is a cost-effective alternative to pneumatic grippers for heavy-duty material-handling applications that involve irregular shapes and porous surfaces as well as standard items.

While pneumatic grippers require compressed air to operate, the all-electric VGP20 is ready to go out of the box. Companies can save up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs compared to pneumatic grippers.

Built-in intelligence combined with intuitive software provides unlimited cup and airflow control and multichannel functionality that far exceeds the capabilities of pneumatic grippers. Operators can vary the type of grip used in different applications, such as a soft grip for delicate items and a harder grip for handling bulky, heavy boxes with porous surfaces.

The gripper also provides an option to enable continuous monitoring of air flow. If the vacuum is interrupted for any reason, the robot comes to an immediate halt and an alert pop-up window is displayed in the software.

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