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Small-Payload Cobot Provides Industrial Speed and Cobot Safety

Comau adds safety features to the Racer-5 industrial robot to come up with the dual-mode Racer-5 Cobot: a fast automation solution for supporting multiple manufacturing processes that doesn’t sacrifice precision or employee health.

Posted: April 19, 2021

Comau‘s Racer-5 Cobot meets the demand for fast cobots that can be used in restricted spaces without a safety barrier. Customers can lower cycle times and improve quality by automating processes without sacrificing speed, precision or safety.

The 6-axis Racer-5 Cobot from Comau (Turin, Italy) combines flexibility and collaborative safety features with high repeatability and accuracy. Based on the company’s high-speed Racer-5 industrial robot, the unit automatically switches from full speed to slower collaborative speed when a human operator enters its working area. Customers save money by installing one dual-mode automation solution instead of two robots.

With safety features that are fully certified by TÜV Süd, an independent and globally recognized certification company, the cobot can be used in any high-performance line without protective barriers, further reducing deployment costs and minimizing floorspace requirements. The versatile unit  improves ergonomics while optimizing process flows via human-robot collaboration.

Rigid construction provides long-term precision and 0.03-mm repeatability for assembly, material handling, machine tending, dispensing and pick-and-place applications. Integrated LED lighting provides real-time confirmation of workcell status. Electrical and air connectors are located on the forearm for greater agility and to minimize the risk of damage.

“The cobot provides the speed and precision the small payload collaborative robotics market was missing,” says Chief Technology Officer Pietro Ottavis. “By adding advanced safety features, we’ve created a fast, reliable and user-friendly cobot that can be used in any situation where cycle times and accuracy are paramount.”

Maximum speed: 19.7 feet per second (6 m/s).

Maximum payload: 11 pounds (5 kg).

Maximum reach: 32 inches (809 mm).

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