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Destaco Expands Series of Sheet Metal Grippers

Destaco has introduced another series of lightweight, high-performance sheet metal grippers to help press shops improve their stamping press operations.

Posted: June 1, 2021

Destaco has added a new series of sheet metal grippers, the 84N5 Series. The new grippers are part of a larger selection of grippers designed for press shops for their stamping lines.

Destaco (Auburn Hills, MI) has expanded its successful portfolio of high-speed, cost-effective 84N Series of grippers with the new, patented 84N5 Series of sheet metal grippers. The 84N5 Series grippers are part of Destaco’s Accelerate® Collection, which is designed to help users boost productivity in automotive manufacturing press shop stamping lines.

The 84N5 grippers operate at actuation speeds of 78 milliseconds (ms) and maintain a firm grip force of 1200 N at 5 bar (72.5 psi). The grippers’ precision design produces low wear, which increases operational life, and they require minimal field maintenance, producing more stamped parts per hour.

“Uptime, faster throughput with reduced maintenance and costs are critical for our customers to stay competitive,” said Gary Labadie, Destaco’s global product director, grippers. “This new gripper product delivers and exceeds on those key application metrics. The result is a universal, highly configurable, fully adjustable gripper that is more durable, easy to reconfigure, reduces a customer’s on-site inventory requirements, and is very cost effective.”

The 84N5 grippers are available in fixed, double-open, and 90-degree jaw configurations. The jaws are interchangeable and can be quickly adjusted in the field in 10 minutes or less with a single Allen wrench. The jaws include a visual opening angle indicator and are adjustable at any point within a 15- to 75-degree opening angle. A series of color-coded tips lets the user visually know what sheet metal thickness can be gripped. The 84N5 jaws are universally designed to accept both single- and double-tip designs, which increases overall application flexibility.

Sensing solutions include in-jaw sensing that validates a part is positioned between the jaws. The side-body sensing option includes two sensors that let the user determine whether single blank, double blank, full open or full close operation is necessary. The 84N5 gripper is designed to be compact so it can fit into any press shop tooling and mounting configuration. The gripper includes a fail-safe locking mechanism, preventing part drop in the event the gripper loses air pressure. The parts remain securely gripped, which reduces scrap from an e-stop event.

A part of Dover Corp. (Downers Grove, IL), Destaco designs and manufactures automation, workholding, and remote-handling solutions for a variety of end-markets, including the automotive, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, aerospace, industrial, and nuclear sectors. Destaco products include manual clamps, power clamps, end effectors, indexers, grippers, manipulators, and transfer ports.

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