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Bluco Is Ready to Exhibit, Solve Fixturing Problems at Fabtech 2021

Bluco Corp. (Naperville, IL) helps manufacturers by designing custom modular fixturing solutions that do more than hold work for welding, inspection, or assembly.

Posted: July 20, 2021

At Fabtech 2021, Bluco will be in Booth B-31050.

Bluco solutions also improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and deliver quick ROI.

At Fabtech 2021, Bluco will have innovations to share, but it said that one of its most important innovations isn’t a product. It’s the company’s approach to problem-solving.

According to Bluco: “We don’t just hand you a catalog and expect you to tell us what you need. Instead, we bring the solutions to you. Our application engineers have the manufacturing experience to understand your challenge, and the modular fixturing know-how to design a versatile, scaleable solution that helps you to overcome today’s challenge and to get ahead of tomorrow’s.”

Bluco offers modular solutions for many problems, whether the problem is parts out of square, shrinkage that leads to rework, finicky mitered corners, heavy parts balanced on saw horses, limited floor space, robots with too much downtime, weld sequences with too many steps, or welders performing acrobatics to reach their work.

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