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CNC Software Inc. Releases Mastercam 2022

From CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, CT),  Mastercam 2022 increases machining productivity and reduces overall production costs with faster and more flexible multi-axis improvements; powerful new roughing tools for 2D users; advances in modeling, enhanced intelligence and automation; and much more.

Posted: July 20, 2021

Many of the advancements in Mastercam 2022 are directly driven by Mastercam users and shops. Feedback from public beta releases, shop visits, customer surveys, and talks with expert industry partners create the practical, shop-driven focus of Mastercam.

“Mastercam is developed by listening to our users and creating solutions for their problems,” said Meghan West, Mastercam president and CEO. “We adapt to changing needs to ensure that the customer experience is the best it can be as we continue to innovate for improved automation, efficiency, connectivity, and precision. From job setup through job completion, you can depend on our technology to empower productivity.”

Improvements include:

  • OptiRough toolpath for 2D users. The 3D High Speed Dynamic OptiRough toolpath is now available for all mill and router product levels. This allows users to machine very large cut depths with a bidirectional cutting strategy to remove the maximum amount of material with the minimum number of stepdowns. Dynamic OptiRough allows users to create a single toolpath to machine a part, instead of creating multiple 2D operations to achieve the same goal. The toolpath is collision aware of the part, and for complex machining, the toolpath can also be aware of the toolholder.
  • Faster, more flexible multi-axis programming. As more shops seek the benefits of a single-setup, multi-axis cutting strategy, Mastercam 2022 adds new techniques and strategies, such as the Unified Multiaxis toolpath, which allows users to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern. Using those geometry choices, the toolpath picks the best algorithm to calculate the path. Multi-pass on Deburr toolpaths supports flat, chamfered and rounded edges, which gives the user added flexibility, allowing the Deburr toolpath to create a quality surface finish on larger chamfered or radiused edges.
  • Modeling advances. Mastercam 2022 introduces powerful mesh creation and editing capabilities that deliver a class of modeling tools, including the ability to reconstruct models from scanned data. Being able to directly edit wireframe geometry without interacting with the dialog box speeds up design and modification work. And the Overflow UV function allows users to replace multiple surfaces that have inconsistent flows with a single surface for flowline toolpaths. Users can also simplify surfaces for general modeling. Overflow UV generates a single, unified surface with a desired UV flow on a connected set of surfaces.
  • Enhanced intelligence and automation. A suite of system-wide enhancements helps automate tasks and speed workflow. New automatic region chaining uses a “smart” approach to auto-select logical chained areas. Holemaking from imported solids is faster as Mastercam will now automatically extract appropriate information and pre-populate users’ programming options. Even tool imports have been made more intelligent as Mastercam will infer more tool properties from an incoming tool CAD model.

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