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Faster Throughput = Faster ROI

Getting the most out of your shop’s tool and workholding products leads to increases in uptime.

Posted: July 8, 2021

MM e-motion uses the newly developed F280 wireless inductive radial coupler system that transmits energy and data contact-free through an air gap of approximately 3 mm between rotating and stationary components.
The u-tec flexible changing system is available on all live tools in the company’s product line.
By implementing EMUGE-FRANKEN’s TOP-Cut VAR end mills paired with an FPC mechanical milling chuck, a tier-two automotive supplier of brake components to an automotive OEM, was able to realize an annual cost reduction of $240,000 in tooling costs.
Dillion power chucks decrease the cycle times of your equipment, save energy, and keep your essential operations moving.
Dillon application chucks address a wide range of workholding issues.

Machine shop owners understand they must evolve and implement new technologies in their production processes to not only stay current but also to maximize the life of their machines and tools. Learn about the latest in chucks, collets and quick-change tools you can incorporate into your shop, so operators are making fewer tool changes, and tools last longer.


SMW Autoblok (Wheeling, IL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of rotational chucks, stationary workholding, tooling and custom engineered solutions for the machine tool industry, introduces the fully sealed MM e-motion four-jaw chuck providing contact-free adjustment of the gripping force without unclamping parts during every phase of the production process.

Each jaw of the MM e-motion is independently controlled and monitored by an individual electro-mechanical drive, which allows for many clamping functions including self-centering, compensating, and individual jaw movement all within one fully automated chuck.

Ideal for use in mill turn applications, horizontal and vertical lathes, the MM e-motion is optimum for heavy duty precision machining of easily deformed workpieces and provides an automatic center adjustment for any workpiece shape or configuration. This includes round, square, rectangular, and irregular shapes in addition to workpieces with different wall thicknesses.

The product comes in a lightweight version that is ideal when mill turn load bearing capacity on the spindle is limited. This version comes with the same functionality as the standard MM e-motion yet allows for higher workpiece weight and more usable Z stroke.

The chuck body and internal parts are case hardened for increased chuck life and highest rigidity, precision and durability. This specialty power chuck accepts inch serrated top jaws and is available in sizes from 500-to-1250 mm.

Ideal for Industry 4.0, permanent monitoring of the grip force and jaw positions can be stored and recalled for when the process needs to be repeated, therefore, digital data is easily interchanged between different machines in the same production facility or at other facilities worldwide.

MM e-motion uses the newly developed F280 wireless inductive radial coupler system that transmits energy and data contact-free through an air gap of approximately 3 mm between rotating and stationary components. The IP67 rated inductive coupler system includes a stationary coupler and a movable mobile coupler. The stationary coupler is incorporated into the machine or into set-up station, and the mobile coupler is incorporated on the pallet side. Power of up to 1500 watts can be transmitted between the stationary and mobile couplers and two CAN bus channels and two digital signals can be transmitted.


Accutek Inc. (Addison, IL) has entered in a partnership with Helmut Diebold GmbH & Co. of Jungingen, Germany. Accutek is a high-quality manufacturer of tool holding and work holding products. Diebold has been a high-quality manufacturer of tool holding technology, shrink fit technology, measuring technology, and spindle technology for the global markets since 1952. Diebold’s technology advancements in shrink fit tooling and machine technology have been at the forefront of the industry. Their machine tool spindle technology is of the finest quality in the machine tool industry.

Accutek, with its high-quality CNC toolholder technology and CNC workholding technology, will be expanding its product offering to include the high-quality toolholder technology of Diebold as well as its high-quality shrink machine technology to further support its distribution partners and metalworking customers through Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Accutek will not only sell the Diebold products but also service and support all application requirements to maintain a strong quality and service position in the markets it serves.

With the partnership with Diebold, Accutek will be adding the following products to the company’s already strong product offering:

  • Goldring Toolholders
  • CentroGrip Micro-Precision ER Collet System
  • UltraGrip Power Milling Chucks
  • JetSleeve 2.0 Shrink Fit Coolant Holders
  • UltraJet 3.0 Innovative Coolant-thru Power Chucks
  • Diebold ER Shrink – ER Collets with Shrink Fit Technology
  • DMS – Diebold Modular ER Tooling System
  • ThermoGrip Shrink Fit Machine Technology
  • MS502-P Mini-Shrink Fit Machine
  • US 1100V – Vertical Shrink Fit Machine
  • US 1100H – Horizontal Shrink Fit Machines
  • US 1100VT – Vertical Shrink Fit Machines with Integral Solution Cooling
  • Patented Pyrometer Coil Technology for all US 1100 machines
  • Measuring Technology
  • Clamping Force Tester
  • HSK Taper and D-BT Taper Measuring Gauges
  • VEG Presetting and Measuring Systems
  • 3D Edge Finder Technology

Accutek has a strong industrial distributor partner support system, which provides services to manufacturing businesses throughout North America.


Heimatec, a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads, has announced the availability of its popular u-tec flexible changing system on all live tools in the company’s product line. Tools are now available for the most popular machine tool models in the market, states Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.’s (Prospect Heights, IL) President Preben Hansen. Platinum Tooling is the exclusive North American importer. The company plans to include its u-tec flexible changing system on all live tools and angle heads going forward, Hansen says. He notes this design offers the benefits of quick change, while maintaining exceptional rigidity.

The u-tec patented changing system allows a standard ER output live tool to accept various adapters for different applications. This allows users the ability to have quick changeover of tools on almost any lathe or mill, using a single tool, without having to commit to a quick-change system on the initial purchase. A facemill adapter, for example, can be quickly positioned into the standard holder, without the need for a new tool purchase. This significantly reduces inventory costs as well as changeover time for busy shops.

Hansen says the u-tec system, “…represents a real improvement in lathe live tooling design. U-tec allows great user flexibility and ensures a solid connection due to the polygon design built into both the tool and the adapter. This polygon connection helps guarantee the proper position and alignment of the adapter inside the tool. Once the insert is properly positioned and the collet nut is clamped, the cutting tool will have excellent rigidity and torque transmission.”

What’s more, the unique collet nuts on the u-tec system have internal threading for clamping stability and that this new tool adapter system enables the actual cutting tool to be brought into closer proximity to the bearing, thus further improving performance in use.

Every adapter in the u-tec system is furnished complete with the necessary clamping nut and holding wrench, and the adapters are available in various outputs such as arbor, Weldon, ER extension and blank styles.


The Problem: During a slotting operation in disc brake rotors, a leading tier-two manufacturer supplying brake components to an automotive OEM, was experiencing poor tool life. Because the shop was only able to produce eight-to-10 parts per tool, it was facing high tooling costs and excessive downtime for tool changes, as well as a secondary operation to remove tough burrs.

The Solution: After consulting with the customer, EMUGE-FRANKEN (West Boylston, MA) engineers proposed one of the company’s TOP-Cut VAR end mills together with an FPC mechanical milling chuck. The U.S. manufactured tool boasts a vibration-killing variable helix flute design, tapered core for increased stability in heavy cuts, and proprietary ALCR coating for increased wear and heat resistance. The result? Four times the tool life and far more manageable burrs, generating a $240,000 annual cost reduction vs. the nearest competitor.


Dillon Manufacturing Inc. (Springfield, OH), an industry leader in chuck jaws, collet pads and jaws, full grip pie jaws, and other top tooling and accessories for lathe chucks presents a full line-up of power chucks. Ideal for new lathes or as replacement power chucks, they are available in closed center, or open center with standard or big bore center holes. Two-, three-, or four-jaw configurations are offered, as are quick change power chucks for fast changeovers. Standard models are available from stock.

The company’s full line of chucks also includes application chucks such as the universal ball lock power chuck, which can grip the ID or OD of castings or forgings, and which has jaws that pivot up to 5 degrees for a firm grip on uneven surfaces. Inside or outside draw down chucks, which are sealed to prevent chips and coolant from entering the chuck body, pull the workpiece down to location for superior accuracy, especially on parallel and perpendicular surfaces. Auto-indexing chucks, with positions of 4 × 90 degrees or 8 × 45 degrees, machine multiple surfaces in a single clamping. Retractable jaw shaft chucks, which machine shafts in a single clamping operation, allow jaws and face drivers to be changed so that different shaft sizes can be machined.  Additional application chucks available include inside or outside pin arbor chucks, inside clamping mandrels, outside collet chucks, diaphragm chucks, gear chucks, finger chucks, compensating chucks and aluminum wheel chucks.

All chucks are made in the USA in ISO 9001:2015 registered facilities.

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