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SigmaNEST 21 Unveils the Connected Shop

The SigmaNEST 21 (Cincinnati, OH) software suite closes the gap on manufacturing connectivity with scheduling, quoting, and logistics, informed by CAD/CAM nesting intelligence.

Posted: July 2, 2021

Load Manager and SigmaSCHEDULE offer flexible scheduling for nesting projects with operational dependencies.
SigmaNEST offers easy import and clear nesting strategies for speed and optimum quality.

The aim of this connected shop? Bridge CRM, ordering, inventory, production, delivery, and accounting, for an easier workflow without cost and scheduling surprises.

Scheduling: The debut of SigmaSCHEDULE brings true dynamic scheduling unique in the fabrication industry. Nested programs, cutting, and bending operations can be scheduled forward for the quickest timeline (as soon as possible), or backward from a fixed due date (just in time). Configure SigmaSCHEDULE to fit your business, with the fluidity to easily adjust to unforeseen changes.

“SigmaSCHEDULE plus Load Manager offer a complete scheduling solution designed for the manufacturing industry,” stated product owner Wayne Cathers. “We want customers to be able to “‘set it and forget it’” so the software works continuously in the background with no user input.

Production: Load Manager’s real-time load balancing divides the work efficiently for machines and secondary operations, while identifying any sequence dependencies within the timeline. The software can also automatically “resolve” the schedule to compensate for disruptions, such as machine down time or “hot” jobs, to ensure job priorities are met.

Quoting: Estimators can preschedule jobs during the quoting process to ensure delivery dates can be met before accepting the order. SigmaQUOTE has added features to aid good business practices such as price tiers for priority clients, adjustments for specific materials or operations, and limited time promotions.

On the Floor: Shop Manager offers browser-based apps to simplify logistics on the shop floor with any smartphone or tablet. Work teams have on-the-spot access to relevant shipping, receiving, and inventory data, and can relay status and location of the job without displaying confidential financial details.

Closing the Loop: Shop Floor Data Capture provides enhanced shop floor feedback while SigmaMRP offers better visibility and control throughout the workflow. The tight integration within SigmaSUITE 21 creates a closed loop of control in which each operation informs the next.

Version 21 of the CAD/CAM software is all about simplifying the user experience. SigmaNEST CAD/CAM Nesting UI provides intuitive nesting strategies with a clear goal: Make fabricators confident of the best nest with clear, easy to use, and accurate nesting options for every manufacturing need.

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